We appreciate your interest in working as a volunteer at the Provo City Library! This is a great opportunity to serve the community while gaining valuable work experience. This form is for ALL volunteers under the age of 18. Volunteering at the Provo City Library cannot be used for court-appointed community service hours.

Current volunteer positions are found at; please fill out a volunteer application in addition to this form to indicate where you might be interested in volunteering.


  • Smile and be courteous and helpful to all children and adult patrons.
  • Be prompt for volunteer assignments. We expect volunteers to sign in and out to help us track your time.
  • Contact your volunteer supervisor if you will be unable to come for your assignment.
  • Wear a volunteer badge at all times.
  • Adhere to dress code standards: no dirty, torn, or baggy jeans, tank tops, short shorts, or open-toed shoes.
  • Refer Patrons to a staff member with questions you cannot answer.

I, understand and agree to the above rules relative to my volunteer work with the Provo City Library.


I hereby allow and grant permission for my child to work at the Provo City Library as a volunteer. My child will receive appropriate training and supervision. I have read and understand the expectations of volunteers. I have discussed this application with my son/daughter.

I understand that volunteers work two-hour shifts and must leave the premises of the library immediately following their shift. I understand that volunteers are expected to maintain appropriate conduct, and inappropriate behavior may result in termination of the volunteer contract. In relation to the volunteer work, I, the undersigned do release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless the City of Provo for any claims, demands, damages, or costs in any way growing out of all known or unknown injuries and damages which I have as the parent/guardian of the minor, and also all claims which the minor may have.

I have carefully read the above release. I understand its contents, and sign it as my own free act.