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Tickets for this program are sold out. 

Tween Academy: Camp Half-blood
Saturday, August 10, 2019
11:00 am

Calling all demigods for a day at Camp Half-Blood. Get sorted into cabins, earn cabin points, and learn important demigod “camping” skills! For kids ages 9-12. No younger or older demigods, please. 

100 free tickets will be available to Provo City Library cardholders on Saturday, July 27th starting at 9:00 am at the Children’s Desk. Limit 4 tickets per cardholder.


  • This activity is for tweens ages 9-12 only; demigods must be between 9-12 on the day of the event. No demigods of any other age will be admitted. 
  • Tickets must be picked up in person in the Children's Department; no online or phone reservations can be made. There is a limit of 4 tickets per family. 
  • Each demigod must have their own ticket. 
  • Because our tickets are limited, please only take tickets for children you know will be able to attend this event. 
  • There will be a standby line available on the day of the event; those in the standby line are not guaranteed entry. 


  • This event will begin promptly at 11:00 am in the Grand Ballroom. At 11:05 am, doors will close and any unclaimed seats will be given to demigods in the standby line. 
  • Demigods that arrive early may go to pre-camp  (Room 201) and get a camp necklace and take pictures. Pre-camp will open at 10:40 am and close at 10:55 am.
  • Costumes are highly encouraged!
  • A standby line will be available the day of the event. To be admitted from the standby line (if space becomes available), tweens must:
    • Be 9-12 years old
    • Show a Provo City Library card or registered Orem Library card
    • Provide a parent/guardian name and phone number in case of emergency