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What is a Traveling Librarian?

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You've visited us -- now we're returning the favor!  Our traveling librarians are ready to bring the library to you through our personalized programs.  These presentations are perfect for church groups, book clubs, and other social groups or organizations.

We have...

We have:


Games and Group Activities

Librarian Presentations

  • Your Public Library: Getting Your Money's Worth
    • The Provo City Library is funded through property taxes paid by all city residents.  Are you getting your money's worth? The Traveling Librarian will present an overview of the valuable programs, collections and services your Provo City Library Card helps you access.  We guarantee you will learn something new and find some amazing new ways to take advantage of YOUR public library!
  • Every Child Ready to Read
    • What skills do children need to be ready to read?  How can you help prepare babies, toddlers, and preschoolers to discover reading?  In this presentation, the Traveling Librarian will share some tips and tricks on how to make pre-reading skills fun for kids.  Learn how getting ready to read can be as easy as singing a song or playing a word game.
  • Best Children's Books
    • Books, books, books! There are so many books to choose from.  How do you know which books are good, and more importantly which books your kids might actually like to read?  In this presentation, the Traveling Librarian will share some of the best children's books that kids (and adults) will enjoy reading.
  • Best YA Books and Trends
    • YA books are the hottest titles in publishing.  So what's the big deal? Why are adults "into" teen books?  The Traveling Librarian will answer these questions and present scores of the latest and hottest titles as well as discuss current and future trends.
  • The Caldecott Award: How Do Those Books Get That Shiny Gold Sticker?
    • A two time Caldecott Committee member, this Traveling Librarian will enthusiastically explain the process of awarding the Randolph Caldecott Award and present many new picture book titles that could win the big award this year.
  • Provo City Library Online: Virtually Everything You Need
    • The Provo City Library website is an amazing collection of information.  However, it can be a little overwhelming and it is easy to miss out on the amazing resources we offer.  The Traveling Librarian can take you on a tour! Learn how to check out ebooks and audiobooks all from your home computer or devices.  Discover homework helps, language learning resources, programs and calendars, online encyclopedias, historical photographs, and so much more!
  • Customized presentation
    • If none of these presentations fit the needs of your group or organization, let us know.  We are happy to adjust our presentations or create a new one that will fulfill your needs.

How does it work?

  • Simply complete our Request Form letting us know:
    • Who is the intended audience for the program
    • What they would like to learn or experience
    • When and where you would like your program to occur
  • For Games and Group Activities, use the links provided above to access their request forms.
Things to keep in mind

Things to keep in mind:

  • Schedule early so we can best accommodate your needs.
  • We want to help! Feel free to ask us to specialize any program to your specific needs.
These programs could be perfect for

Who is it for?

  • Scout Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Church Organizations
  • Book Clubs
  • Community Groups
  • School Classes
  • Families
  • Date Night
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