Text Notifications:

To receive Holds, Overdue, and Renewal Notices by text, ask at the Circulation Help Desk.
You can customize your notices by sending commands shown in the table below.    

If you have trouble signing up, please contact or call the Library at 801-852-6660.  

To renew items, reply to the renewal notice as instructed in the text message.
Hint: To prevent spellcheck from changing your text, double-tap the cap arrow to put on caps lock.
Provo City Library does not charge for this service, but standard carrier message charges may apply.
 Commands to help set up texting Action
 ADDCARD+card#+PIN  Add another library card
 DROPCARD+card#+PIN  Remove a secondary card
 FEES  Fee notice Opt In/Out toggle
 HOLDS  Hold notice Opt In/Out toggle
 OVERDUE  Overdue notice Opt In/Out toggle
 RENEW  Renew notice Opt In/Out toggle
 NOTICES  See which notices you receive
 SWITCHPHONE  Change phone number
 HELP  Get info about all commands
 QUIT  Stop this text notices service
Commands to oversee your library account  Action
 ALL  Renews all eligible items
 HL  Lists holds ready for pickup
 IOWEU  Displays fines and fees
 RESEND  Ask Shoutbomb to resend last  message