Librarian: HG

Kondo, Marie

Representative Title(s):
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up; Spark Joy
Major Appeals:
Accessible, candid, richly detailed
Writing Profile:
Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo writes her books about minimalist organization like how-to manuals. In step-by-step detail, she outlines how to use the KonMari method for tidying up every area of your home and how de-cluttering can transform your life. The addition of background details like how Marie became interested in neatness and her experience consulting in Japan add a personal touch to an otherwise cold subject.

Author: Francine Jay

Read-alike Title(s): The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide; Miss Minimalist

Corresponding Appeals: Accessible, conversational, upbeat

Writing Profile: Like Kondo, Jay presents her own method of minimalist living in step-by-step detail. Where Kondo writes in a matter-of-fact manner, Jay’s approach to simpler living is more lighthearted. She discusses ways to tackle each room of the house as well as time-saving and shortening the to-do list in an encouraging, friendly tone.

Author: Nate Berkus

Read-alike Title(s): The Things That Matter; Home Rules

Corresponding Appeals: Reflective, engaging, descriptive

Writing Profile: Unlike Kondo and Jay, Nate Berkus writes in an intimate, narrative style about style and décor rather than organization. Berkus shares the design and stories of his home and others to demonstrate the importance of every object in our homes. His attention to detail and minimalist philosophy of living, however, will appeal to fans of both Jay and Kondo.

Author: Greg McKeown

Read-alike Title(s): Essentialism; Multipliers

Corresponding Appeals: Engaging, persuasive, inspiring

Writing Profile: Greg McKeown writes about minimalism like Berkus but from a business and self-help standpoint. Similar to Jay and Kondo, he explains his techniques systematically, but in a more engaging tone. Proponents of de-cluttering will find many commonalities between McKeown’s empowering selective criteria and the KonMari method of cleaning up.