Purchase Suggestions

Purchase Suggestion

Purchase Suggestion Form

Can’t find an item you want in the library catalog? Submit a request for us to buy it by completing a Purchase Suggestion Form.

Things to know about purchase suggestions

Items can only be requested on or after the publication date

Purchase requests will not be considered prior to the item’s publication date. ( is a great place to find out when an item is going to be published.)

We can’t guarantee the item will be purchased

While we value your input, there are many factors that go into purchase decisions. Submitting a request does not guarantee we will purchase the item.

Information needed to submit a purchase suggestion

How long will it take if the item is purchased?

Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for the item to be ordered, cataloged, and processed.

What if I need the item sooner?
Consider an Interlibrary Loan request which usually takes 1-3 weeks for the item to be mailed from another library.

After submitting your purchase suggestion

Getting notified

Getting your item

Find out more about our materials selection policy
The Provo City Library Materials Selection Policy exists to serve as the library’s guide in the selection of materials. For more information please ask at the 1st Floor Reference Desk or call 801-852-6661.