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#LoveMyLibrary Photo Contest

DEADLINE EXTENDED. Entries due May 14, 2021 

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of our library building by showing us all the things you love about our library. Submit your photos online to compete for prizes and a chance to be featured in an interactive art exhibit about the library.  

There will be two categories for library images: 

  • Library Building: Interior and exterior details of our beautiful library building
  • Library Life: This covers how you use the library; do you and your kids make crafts? Do you read in a fort? Do you use a Chromebook to do homework? These images show how the library impacts your life.

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This contest is available to Provo City Library cardholders.

It is assumed that by submitting a photo to this contest, you have received permission from all subjects of your photo.

By submitting a photo, you verify that you are the one who took the photo.

You understand that photos may be used in an interactive art exhibit at the library, as well as in library publicity and promotions moving forward.

You may submit up to 5 photos for consideration in the photo contest.


Q: Who can enter?
A: Current Provo City Library cardholders. 

Q: What are the prizes? 
A: In each category, we will give out three prizes: 

  • First Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Second Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Third Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card

There will also be a Peoples' Choice award associated with the exhibit over the summer, and that will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card. 

Q: How will the library use these photos? 
A: Photos will be used in an interactive exhibit this summer; they may also be used in the future on our social media and in promotional items such as brochures and pamphlets. 

Q: Is there an age limit on who can enter?
A: No; if you have a very photographically inclined baby, they may enter. You may have to help them with the entry form. 

Q: I have a photo of the library I took 10 years ago; can I enter that?
A: As long as you took it, have the permission of any people in the photo, and can submit it electronically, yes. We will not accept printed photos. All entries must be submitted online. 

Q: I like to alter things in a photo program; is that allowed? 
A: You may retouch and digitally alter the photo to your heart's content; our only stipulation is that you need to be the one to have taken the photo. 

Q: How many photos can I enter? 
A: You may enter up to five photos; only one can win a prize, even if all are spectacular. 

Q: Can everyone in my family enter? 
A: Sure. 

Q: Can everyone in my family win? 
A: If you are all amazing photographers and each have your own library card, then hypothetically, yes. 

Q: What if I want to enter the contest but don't want my photo to be displayed to the public or used in library publicity in the future?
A: Don't enter the contest. This contest exists for the library to gather interesting and useful photos of our building and our users. Consider hanging onto that photo and entering it in the Homegrown Art Show next year. 

Q: I have cool artwork of the library that isn't a photo--it's drone video, or a painting, or a sculpture. Should I enter this contest? 
A: No, but contact our Community Relations department about it. If we have enough interest, we may open up another contest.