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Library Board

Library Board Meetings:

The Board usually meets on the second Wednesday in January, March, May, July, September, and November at 4:00 p.m in the Provo City Library Board Room, #204. The agenda is posted three days prior in the Library. Call 801-852-6651 for additional information.

In accordance with Utah State Statute 9-7-403, nine Library Board Members are appointed by the city governing body for a three year term and may be reappointed to serve a second consecutive three year term.

Nominate yourself or someone else to serve on the Provo City Library Board by filling out the online application.

Library Board Members:

Julie Nichols
Term expires 06/30/24

Karen Salmon
Term expires 06/30/24

Rebecca Burton
Term expires 06/30/22

Cindy Gagon
Term expires 06/30/22

Allyssa Pike
Term expires 06/30/22

Jennifer Bruton
Term expires 06/30/23

Allyson Condie
Term expires 06/30/23

Megen Pectol (Chair)
Term expires 06/30/23 

City Council Liaison 
David Shipley

Email Board Members at Please specify the board member(s) to whom you are addressing your message.

 Library Board Agenda and Minutes

Agenda 2021-07-14    
Agenda 2021-05-19 Board Minutes 2021-05-19  
Agenda 2021-03-10  Board Minutes 2021-03-10  
Agenda 2020-09-09  Board Minutes 2020-09-09  
Agenda 2020-05-13  Board Minutes 2020-05-13  
Agenda 2020-03-11 Board Minutes 2020-03-11  
Agenda 2020-01-08  Board Minutes 2020-01-08  
Agenda 2019-11-13 Board Minutes 2019-11-13  
Agenda 2019-07-10 Board Minutes 2019-07-10  
 Agenda 2019-05-08  Board Minutes 2019-05-08  
 Agenda 2019-03-13  Board Minutes 2019-03-13  
 Agenda 2019-01-09  Board Minutes 2019-01-09  
 Agenda 2018-12-12  Board Minutes 2018-12-12  
 Agenda 2018-11-14  Board Minutes 2018-11-14  
 Agenda 2018-09-12  Board Minutes 2018-09-12  
Agenda 2018-05-09 Board Minutes 2018-05-09  
N/A Board Minutes 2018-03-04  
Agenda 2018-01-10 Board Minutes 2018-01-10  
Agenda 2017-11-08 N/A  
Agenda 2017-09-13 N/A  
Agenda 2017-07-12 Board Minutes 2017-07-12  
Agenda 2017-05-10 Board Minutes 2017-05-10  
Agenda 2017-03-08 Board Minutes 2017-03-08