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Utah County Newspapers

Timeline of Utah County Newspapers

Provo City Library provides access to two digital archives containing Utah County Newspapers.

Newspaper Archive (can be accessed only in the library)
Utah Newsearch (can be accessed from home with a Provo City Library card)


The Provo Daily Times
1 August 1873-4 April 1874
Library Holdings: 1 August 1873

The Daily Times was Provo's first newspaper, founded by R. G. Sleater, Robert T. McEwan, Oscar F. Lyons, and Joseph T. McEwan. The first issue appeared 1 Aug 1873. Within a short time it was realized that the community was insufficient to support a daily and the last issue was published on 4 Apr 1874. The paper then became the Utah County Times and was issued three times a week.


The Provo Tri-weekly Times
7 Apr 1874-27 Aug 1874
Library Holdings: NONE

The Utah County Times
10 Sep 1874-Dec 1875
Library Holdings: NONE

The Utah County Times was the successor to Provo's first newspaper, the Provo Daily Times. It ran first as the Provo Tri-Weekly Times (7 Apr 1874-Aug 1874) and later as The Utah County Times (10 Sep 1874-Dec 1875). It was issued three times a week, but in 1876 it reduced its publication to semi-weekly and lasted for a few months as the The Utah County Advertiser (13 Jan 1876-Jun 1876).


The Utah County Advertiser
13 Jan 1876-Jun 1876
Library Holdings: NONE

The Utah County Enquirer
4 Jul 1876-6 Oct 1877
Library Holdings: 6 Jan 1877-6 Oct 1877

The Territorial Enquirer
(10 Oct 1877-30 Dec 1887)
Library Holdings: 10 Oct 1877-30 Dec 1887


The Utah Enquirer
(3 Jan 1888-30 Dec 1890)
Library Holdings: 3 Jan 1888-30 Dec 1890


The Daily Enquirer
(30 Nov 1889?-1920?)
Library Holdings: 30 Nov 1889-30 Nov 1897

The Utah Enquirer
(3 Jan 1888-30 Dec 1890)
Library Holdings: 3 Jan 1888-30 Dec 1890


The Provo Post
(1909-9 May 1924)
Library Holdings: 2 Jan 1912-30 Dec 1921

The Provo Herald
(2 Jan 1909-Apr 1922)
Library Holdings: 2 Jan 1909-30 Nov 1911
1 Oct 1917-27 Apr 1921


The Daily Herald
(17 Apr 1922-9 May 1924)
Library Holdings: 4 Jul 1922-9 May 1924

The Daily Herald
(10 May 1924-14 May 1925)
Library Holdings: 10 May 1924-14 Mar 1925


The Evening Herald
(15 Mar 1925-21 May 1939)
Library Holdings: 15 Mar 1925-21 May 1939

The Daily Herald
(22 May 1939-Present)
Library Holdings: 22 May 1939-Pres


Other Provo Newspapers

The Provo American
(April 1887-May? 1889)
Library's holdings: NONE

The Utah Valley Gazette
Library's holdings: NONE

The Provo City Dispatch
(Jan 1891-1895)
Library's holdings: NONE

Provo Journal
Library's holdings: NONE

The Provo City Press
(Jan 1891-Aug? 1891)
Library's holdings: NONE

The Utonian
(23 May 1896-29 Jan 1898)
Library's holdings: NONE

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