Franklin School

Franklin Elementary was originally known as the West School, a school which met in several homes on the west side of town in the 19th century. The school met mainly in three homes, the first of which was the Miss Oakley School at Miss Oakley’s home near the intersection of 500 West and 600 South. Next was the Ellison Home, located at 300 South & 600 West, followed by the Burch Home. The Burch home was built around 1878 near 500 West and 200 South. In 1892 the West School was renamed Franklin School, after the famous statesman, Benjamin Franklin. In 1900 the Burch home was sold and replaced by an actual schoolhouse. The school building had six rooms and opened in January of 1901. Additions were made to the school in 1936 and 1957. In 1936 the school was extended to the North and in 1957, additions were made to the South including a gymnasium, a kitchen, and an office.


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