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Escape Room

Can you solve the puzzles and get out of our escape room before it’s too late?


Participants are stuck in a room, and cannot get out until they solve a variety of puzzles and clues leading to the key that will let them out of the room.

There are two different themes to choose from:

  • School of Magic (Medium Difficulty)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Hard Difficulty)

No prior knowledge of either theme is required to complete the room.

Time Frame

The game takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Number of Players

The escape room works best with 4 to 8 players, but requests for groups of other sizes can be considered on a case by case basis.

Age Range

Adults ages 18 and up will enjoy the game the most.  Older teens may enjoy the game, but we ask that they be accompanied by at least one actively engaged adult.

How to Play

Once everyone is in the room, solve a succession of puzzles until you find the secret key needed to escape the room.  Find the key within 45 minutes, and you win!  If you leave the room before solving the last puzzle, or you don’t find the key within 45 minutes, you lose.

Request a Game

Requests to play our escape room must be received at least one week in advance. To request an escape room, complete our Request Form or call the Reference Desk at 801-852-6661 to have a librarian take your request over the phone.

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