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iconDiscovery Kits Senior (6-12)

Each Discovery Kit contains books and educational toys on a particular topic. We have three kinds of kits geared at three different age groups.

Junior Discovery Kits are intended for babies and toddlers ages 0-2
Senior Discovery Kits are intended for children ages 8-12
All other Discovery Kits are intended for children ages 3-5

Reservation Procedures:

  • Discovery Kits must be checked out by a Provo City Library Card holder in good standing.
  • Discovery Kits check out for 3 weeks with no renewals.
  • Overlapping reservations for Discovery Kits are not allowed, patrons can make reservations for Discovery Kits three weeks apart.
  1. There must be five weeks open on the reservation calendar to reserve a Discovery Kit. Colored segments of the calendar indicate that kit has already been reserved. Dark gray squares designate insufficient time between reservations.

    The calendar only has 6-9 months available for scheduling at a time.

  2. Submit a Discovery Kit Request Form online. Requests need to be submitted at least two to three business days in advance of your desired pick-up date.

  3. Our Discovery Kit committee will check the reservation calendar to make sure that the kit is available on the date you requested. If the kit is available, you will receive a confirmation email. If the kit is not available, we will notify you by email and you may submit another request.

  4. We will send a reminder email the week before your pick-up date.

  5. Your Discovery Kit will be ready to pick up on the date requested, and can be collected at the Children's Reference Desk. We will hold your kit for one week from this date.

Discovery Kits