•  Graphic Novel Classics

    Classic literature – the bane of high school English students. Like many people, I struggled with the works of classical writers, like Shakespeare and Aristotle, during my education. Luckily, the library owns a variety of these works in graphic novel adaptation, combining word and illustration to tell the story. Here are some of my favorite classic literature adaptations. 

    5.15 Fahrenheit 451FAHRENHEIT 451
    By Ray Bradbury and Tim Hamilton

    Experience Montag’s awakening to the evil of government-controlled thought and the need for philosophy and literature in striking artwork in this authorized adaptation. 


    5.15 The OdysseyTHE ODYSSEY
    By Gareth Hinds 

    Based on Homer’s epic poem, follow the journey of Odysseus as he travels home from the Trojan War. Experience violent storms, sirens, monsters, and sorceresses through word and colorful illustrations in this unique adaptation.  


    5.15 Crime and PunishmentCRIME AND PUNISHMENT
    By Fyodor Dostoevsky and David Mairowitz

    Set in present-day Russia, the black and white illustrations create a haunting picture of Raskolnikov’s inner turmoil. After committing a horrible crime, he is driven toward confession as a reprieve from his agony. A basic understanding of the original novel would enhance this adaptation.  


    5.15 Pride and PrejudicePRIDE AND PREJUIDUCE
    By Jane Austen and Stacy King

    Discover the classic love story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in this Manga Classic adaptation. Sometimes pride and first impressions can get in the way of true love. And check out our other Manga Classic titles for lots more adaptations.


    5.15 To Kill a MockingbirdTO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
    By Harper Lee and Fred Fordham

    Read the story of one little girl as she experiences the racial hate in an Alabama town as her father defends a black man accused of rape in this new adaptation of the classic novel.


    Do you have any favorite graphic novel adaptations of classic literature? Share them in the comments and be sure to look for our favorite nonfiction and current fiction titles in the coming weeks.