• Robin Hood

    I love Robin Hood. The story of the man who steals from the rich to give to the poor has interested me ever since I first saw the Disney animated adaptation. Since then, I have constantly been on the search for books that allow me to be on the adventure with Robin, have chat with Little John, or simply plot a scheme against the Sheriff of Nottingham.And it seems that I am not the only person who is caught up at the idea of this noble thief. There are countless retellings, adaptations, or folktales written about Robin Hood. This list is a very small scrapping of what is out there, and although I haven’t read them all, each promises to include you in an epic adventure.

    By Howard Plye

    For me, at least, it’s impossible to talk about Robin Hood without talking about Howard Plye. This work is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. It tells the story of Robin Hood, from the meeting of Little John to how the famous outlaw dies.  The prose is lyrical and poetic and it was actually written as a children’s book so it’s perfect for all ages!


    By Nancy Springer

    The first of a five book series, this book hugs the line between middle grade and young adult. Rosemary is the daughter of Robin Hood, a famous thief that she has never met, and a healer named Celandine. When he mother dies, Rosemary disguises herself as a boy and goes out into the depth and perils of Sherwood Forest to find her father.


    4.24 The Outlaws of SherwoodTHE OUTLAWS OF SHERWOOD
    By Robin McKinley

    This novel attempts to adapt the legend of Robin Hood with the perspective of contemporary writing and, while it includes all the famous characters (Little John, Much, Friar Tuck, Marian and Alan-a-dale), the story focuses much more on Mariam, who is an accomplished archer in Robin’s troupe.


    4.24 HoodHOOD
    By Stephen R. Lawhead

    Lawhead sets his Robin Hood epic in a world full of Celtic mythology and political intrigue. Hood creates a new protagonist, Bran ap Brychan, and set him on a great adventure. He flees the kingdom of Elfael after his father is killed and leads a band of thieves as they try to battle the Normans in order to take back the kingdom.


    By Tony Lee

    This graphic novel asks the question, “How did Robin of Loxley become Robin Hood?” With vivid color and incredible illustrations, this story places its reader within an England under the Sheriff of Nottingham’s control. Within the haunted Sherwood forest, a rogue rises up to become an outlaw. 


    4.24 Outlaw AngusOUTLAW
    By Angus Donald

    Donald’s retelling of the Robin Hood legends does not focus on the legendary outlaw himself but rather on young Alan Dale. This name should ring a bell for any Robin Hood fan. Outlaw tells the story of how Alan Dale was forced to leave his family, join a group of thieves, and question whether can trust the bloodthirsty leader, Robin Hood.   

  • Fairytale

    I have always loved fairy tales and the way they teach us about society and ourselves. It’s even more fun when authors take these tales and give them a new spin. Here at the library we call them Fractured Fairy Tales and we have booklists dedicated to keeping track of these fabulous stories. Here are some of the buried treasures from those lists.

    11.3 Sea WitchSEA WITCH
    By Sarah Henning

    Ever since her best friend, Anna, drowned, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. Then a girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears offshore and, though the girl denies it, Evie is convinced that her best friend actually survived. This reimaging of The Little Mermaid is a mysterious and haunting tale that sets up a series, the second book is SEA WITCH RISING and it promises swashbuckling action and adventure.


    11.3 Wildwood DancingWILDWOOD DANCING
    By Juliet Marillier

    Five sisters who live with their merchant father in Transylvania use a hidden portal in their home to cross over into a magical world called the Wildwood.  This spin on Twelve Dancing Princesses is also a crossover with Dracula and is atmospheric and dreamlike. It also is the beginning of a series, so we get to see the fabulous sisters in action again!


    11.3 BeautyBEAUTY
    By Robin McKinley

    This is an oldy but a goody. No list of fairy tale retellings is complete without some mention of this masterpiece. Beauty is not the prettiest girl in her family, but she is the cleverest, bravest, and most honorable; so, when the Beast demands she take her father’s place, she is ready to go as forfeit for the rose her father stole. Based on Beauty and the Beast, this lovely retelling will sweep you away to a land of roses, huge libraries, and mysterious voices in the dark.


    11.3 Briar RoseBRIAR ROSE
    By Jane Yolen

    Rebecca has always loved listening to her grandmother’s stories about the Briar Rose. As her grandmother lays dying, she whispers the truth that she is actually Briar Rose and that the story is true. Rebecca sets out to understand the stories she has been told since she was a tiny girl. They will lead her to the work camps of World War II and the answers she has been seeking. This modern contemporary spin on Briar Rose will draw you in and really make you think!