Mental Health

  • Self Care

    With the American Psychology Association declaring that stress is now a mental health crisis in America, there seems to be a lot online about managing stress through self-care, especially when promoting products or picturesque lifestyle routines. But what does self-care actually mean? 

    There are a lot of different definitions, but the gist of it is self-care is taking time to care for your physical and mental health. It doesn't cost anything and requires no subscription fee. Just like you need to put the oxygen mask on first before helping others when flying in a plane, taking time to maintain your personal health will lead to a better balance in your other responsibilities and relationships. 

    2.3 Wisdom from a Humble JellyfishWISDOM FROM A HUMBLE JELLYFISH
    By Rani Shah

    By focusing on wisdom from the animal world in its minimal 126 pages, Rani Shah investigates the simplicity offered by observing the ways animals live and how to turn those observations into daily habits. From learning to slow down from the sloth or the perks of positivity from a sunflower, there are several self-care ideas packed in this easy read. 


    2.3 The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental HealthTHE UNAPOLOGETIC GUIDE TO BLACK MENTAL HEALTH
    By Rheeda Walker

    Psychologist and professor Rheeda Walker provides a thorough and comprehensive guide for Black mental health wellness, which includes self-care strategies specifically for the impacts of racism and related stress. Filled to the brim with exercises and frank discussion, THE UNAPOLOGETIC GUIDE TO BLACK MENTAL HEALTH is invaluable for incorporating emotional wellness and self-care against the constant stressors of systemic racism.


    By Katie O'Donnell

    For those looking to incorporate more natural and herbal care into their lives,THE EVERYDAY AYURVEDA GUIDE TO SELF-CARE is both recipe book and self-care guide anchored in Indian Vedic traditions. From sleep routines to self-massage tips and lavender honey, there are several options for incorporating these timeless methods towards self-care. 


    2.3 Self Care for College StudentsSELF-CARE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS
    By Julia Dellitt

    With over 150 ideas for focusing on different aspects of maintaining your personal and mental wellness, this book provides a series of activities and habits you can incorporate depending on what time you have available. This book is worth looking into when your main reason for avoiding self-care is not having enough time or space brought about by a hectic student lifestyle.