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    Have you all ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of our Story Time show, STORIES IN THE STUDIO? Well, let me tell you! This post will walk you through the step by step process that is used and show you the wonderful people that work so hard behind the scenes to make the magic happen!

    Step 1: Script Writing

    The first step to any episode of Stories in the Studio is to write the scripts. This usually begins with brainstorming a list of words that start with the letter of the week. From there, characters are chosen and the story begins to form.

    Step 2: Read Through

    After the first draft of a script is complete, the writing team sits down and reads through the scripts. Feedback is given and then the scripts are revised or edited as needed.

    Step 3: Production Meeting

    After the scripts have reached the final draft, they are taken to a meeting with all of the members of the Production Team. This team includes, the Film Crew, Sound Crew, Community Relations Manager, Director, Prop Master, and Script Writers. This is where all of the coordinating occurs, such as planning special effects, camera angles, props needed, and scheduling.

    Step 4: Build period

    During this time the members of the Production Team prepare for filming. This includes, creating or collecting props and puppets and acquiring needed equipment.

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    Step 5: Rehearsal

    While the Production Team is preparing for filming, the actors are also doing all they can to be prepared for filming. The actors come together with their puppets and rehearse the scripts, memorize, create characters, and practice any tricky special effects.

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    Step 6: Filming- On the scheduled day, all Production Team members and performers come to the Basement Creative Lab to film. The cameras, set, curtains, sound, and lights are all set up by our crew and the actors prepare their props and puppets. Once everything is in place, the filming begins! Usually multiple takes occur in order to get a good quality shot. This process is repeated for each scene that occurs in the script.

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    Step 7: Editing

    After a day of filming, members of the crew work to edit the scenes that were shot and piece them all together to create each episode of Stories in the Studio.

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    Step 8: Posting

    After the editing process, the video is ready to share and is posted to our YouTube channel for you to enjoy!