•  Alternative Crafting

    Do you enjoy crafting?

    Are you tired of the same old Pinterest ideas?

    Have you tried time and time again to stun your social media followers only to have your creations fail? 

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    There has to be a better way! Books with alternative crafting techniques and ideas are sure to up your crafting game! Stay tuned for more information.                    

    10.21 Playing with BooksPLAYING WITH BOOKS 
    By Jason Thompson

    It happens. You want to give a friend a makeover, but they’re all too gorgeous.

    Creams. Hair products. Makeup. Nothing you add can make them any more beautiful than they already are.

    Fortunately, Marie Kondo’s magic created thousands of potential friends in need of a makeover. Introducing: homeless books. You can help these lonely books by adopting them and giving them a makeover of a lifetime. You can turn books into bags, dresses, card holders, and more!This book will give you all the techniques you need to transform your books from frumpy to fabulous. 


    10.21 Foraged ArtFORAGED ART
    By Peter Cole

    Can’t decide if you want to go outside and play or stay inside and craft? Good news! You don’t have to decide. Art can be found all around you. Make leaf creatures with Tommy and flower chains with Suzie.Foraged art is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Even grandma can join in on the fun. 


    “I found my husband after reading this book!”-No One 

    “My dog enjoys walks more now that we actually go outside.”-Someone 

    “I don’t mind my allergies anymore. They help me find the best plants to use for my art pieces. The harder I sneeze the more art supplies I find!”-Anyone  


    By Laura Dowling

    Do you constantly find yourself with extra fruits and vegetables that you can’t possibly consume? Does your mother reprimand you for wasting your leftovers or playing with your food? Well, have no fear! This book can help you.

    Wreaths can be made with anything: tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, limes, you name it! All these foods and more can be made into beautiful wreaths for any season.

    It’s not wasting.

    It’s not playing.

    It’s creating.

    What mother can argue with that? 


    10.21 Crafting with Cat HairCRAFTING WITH CAT HAIR
    By Kaori Tsutaya

    It’s everywhere: on your couch, in your shoes, on your clothes, even in your bathroom sink.

    Cat hair.

    No matter what you do you can’t get rid of it. You’ve tried sweeping, vacuuming, lint rolling and nothing works. Maybe it’s time to try something new.


    You can collect your cat’s hair and create amazing products: finger puppets, coin purses, badges, you name it. Don’t get frustrated with your cat’s shedding; utilize it in the best way possible and always keep a piece of your furry friend with you.

    For you dog lovers out there, you might want to try KNITTING WITH DOG HAIR by Kendall Crolius. The library doesn’t have a copy, but we can get it for you. Just fill out an interlibrary loan form here.

  • Social Distancing

    If you are an extrovert, being quarantined is a tragic turn of events. You need people to thrive! How can introverts be with themselves all day without going crazy? As an ambivert, I can relate to the need to interact with people, but I can also handle being alone for long stretches of time. So, I’ve compiled a list of resources for those extroverts out there who are going crazy. 

    Find a new hobby

    There are many online resources that can help you learn something new. A good place to go is our LET’S LEARN GUIDES. There are several different guides that you can explore. Including: Coding, painting, birding, and playing guitar. These guides can direct you to other resources to expand your skills and they have different activity ideas to keep you occupied for hours. Additional resources include: LYNDA.COM, CREATIVEBUG, and HOBBIES AND CRAFTS REFERENCE CENTER.

    Stream a movie

    If you’re tired of your regular streaming service, then try KANOPY. This free service allows you a limited number of credits each month and widens your watching possibilities. Not only does it have modern movies and shows, but it also has some exercise videos, documentaries, and even programs for kids. WARNING: Our KANOPY subscription will expire in the summer, so get watching now!

    Try a Boredom Buster

    While everyone is stuck at home, our children’s librarians have been putting together boredom busters! These are 5-10 minute videos on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE that teach a craft or skill. These are great for learning something new with limited screen time and resources.

    Start an online book club

    If you are missing your friends and want to start filling up your social calendar again, try an online book club. You can see previous posts here about good book club practices. Additionally, we added this post on digital book clubs just a little while ago. The benefit of an online book club is that you can do activities and discussions with your friends, create new friends in the book characters, and satisfy your need for socializing without breaking any social distancing rules.

    Read a book!

    (Of course this is on the list. Did you think I’d forget?)

    There are plenty of great books to read, characters to meet, and adventures to go on. Even if you can’t come physically to the library, you can get access our digital ebooks and audiobooks through OVERDRIVERB DIGITAL, and TUMBLEBOOKS. It’s important to note that we only have access to TUMBLEBOOKS until August, 2020. So get reading!

    Here are more resources if you need help choosing a book: NOVELIST, the LIBRARY’S BOOKISTS, Or you can request a PERSONALIZED READING RECCOMENDATION.Good luck!

  • How to Draw 1 

    Art and drawing can be daunting. When first starting out, there are plenty of blog posts, videos and books on how to start drawing. But some of these tutorials can be pretty simplistic and can even promote bad habits. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books for improving your technique. If you want to get better at drawing, start with these! 

    4.3 Drawing Lessons from the Great MastersDRAWING LESSONS FROM THE GREAT MASTERS
    By Robert Beverly Hale

    It’s always good to start your learning process with a good teacher. Who better to mentor you than some of the best artists of all time? By studying the drawings of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and other masters, readers can better understand the techniques these artists used to create their finished paintings. 


    By George Brant Bridgman

    This book is hands down one of the best ways for artists to understand anatomy and proportion. By exaggerating and breaking down the human body, Bridgman highlights how to draw each feature accurately. George Bridgman himself taught many famous artists. In his forty years of teaching, his students included Jackson Pollock, Will Eisner and Norman Rockwell. 


    By Scott Robertson

    For years I tried to find a book that could teach me how to draw a straight line. Not only does this book teach you that, but shows you how to turn that straight line into a building, a car or a spaceship. If you are interested in learning how to draw backgrounds, architecture or simply learning to draw in perspective, check out this great guide. 


    4.3 The Natural Way to DrawTHE NATURAL WAY TO DRAW
    By Kimon Nicolaïdes

    While this book is definitely the most effective way to improve your drawing, it also is the most difficult. Working as a manual for artists, Nicolaides outlines exercises that improve not just the way you draw, but how you see your art. However, this means that readers must complete these exercises over the course of an entire year, drawing for 15 hours a week.


    And while the library's closed, there are still resources available to you! 

    4.3 CreativeBugCREATIVEBUG

    This new database features hundreds of video tutorials for arts and crafts of all different kinds, including many about drawing and illustration. Their Daily Practice Series offers an especially good way of getting into the habit of drawing every single day, since it features a month's worth of short video activities to get your creative juices flowing.


    4.3 How to Draw Great CoursesHow to Draw

    This video which you can stream via your Overdrive library account, features 18 hours of training. It was created by The Great Courses, so you can trust it to have college instruction level and great information. Be sure to search Overdrive's collection for books on drawing and illustration too!

  • Winter Hobbies

    Are you looking for a productive way to spend your time indoors while winter rages outside? Are you all worn out from finishing yet ANOTHER Netflix marathon? Consider learning a new hobby! Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of these books found at The Provo City Library

    By Tom Hindes

    Why not whittle away those long, dark winter days by whittling away at a small piece of wood? This is a hobby you can take anywhere with you.Bonus: If you feel confident enough you can use your creations as gifts for the holiday season! 


    By Duncan Beedie

    If you find yourself getting bored with the same old computer games over and over again, you might want to consider creating your own. Make your dreams become (virtual) reality by learning how to code! 


    By Petra Ahnert

    Spending a lot of time indoors during the winter might also mean spending a lot more money on your electricity bill. Help yourself out by learning how to make candles. You’ll save yourself some green and at the same time create a warm, cozy atmosphere to be enjoyed. 


    By Philippe Petit

    If you really want to make the most of your time indoors “why knot” learn how to tie different types of knots?Okay, okay. Moving on past my failed humor, this is a hobby that can save your sanity and your life. Talk about productivity! 


    01.03 37 Houseplants Even You Cant Kill37 HOUSEPLANTS EVEN YOU CAN'T KILL
    By Mary Kate Hogan

    If you find that your surrounding landscape is bleak, and bare, and dead, why not bring some colors and life into your living space by caring for a houseplant? Mary Kate Hogan guarantees that even YOU can’t kill the plants she mentions in this book, and besides, plants are pets that you don’t have to take outside in the snow at 5 am to “do their business” (looking at YOU, household dog of 17 years!).

  • Coneflower resized 

    Utah is in a drought. Most of the state still remains under extreme or exceptional drought, according to DROUGHT.GOV. While more than half of our water is used for agriculture, there is still quite a bit we can do on our own to manage our household water consumption.  

    One of the ways you can save on water is through XERISCAPING. Xeriscaping focuses on using plants native to desert climates and can completely remove the need for irrigation or watering. In addition to the resources available at the UTAH WATER CONSERVATION PROGRAM website, we have several books on the topic of xeriscaping and conserving water that you can use for your home's landscaping and gardens. 

    3.5 Gardening with Less WaterGARDENING WITH LESS WATER
    By David A. Bainbridge

    Drought is not a new concept in the West and this book focuses on building gardens with these drought conditions in mind. From clay-pot irrigation systems to gravity wicks, there is bound to be a type of watering system that benefits your garden and minimizes your water bill. 


    3.5 Hot Color Dry GardenHOT COLOR, DRY GARDEN
    By Nan Sterman

    This water-wise gardener's resource covers dry gardening how-to, as well as the color and design elements needed to implement a functioning and beautiful space. Filled with bright images and a plant directory, this book provides a great starting point for embarking on a xeriscaping project. 


    3.5 The Water wise HomeTHE WATER-WISE HOME
    By Laura Allen

    Written by the co-founder of Greywater Action, THE WATER-WISE HOME provides tips and tricks for both inside and out to reuse your water. With discussions on how to target irrigation issues and maximize greywater reuse for your landscape, this user-friendly guide covers all questions and methods to make a water-wise landscape a reality. 


    3.5 Rock GardeningROCK GARDENING
    By Joseph Tychonievich

    A classic method of gardening that has been gaining popularity, ROCK GARDENING covers ways to garden among rocks that focuses on highlighting the climate you're in. From alpine gardens to desert-scaping, this book covers plants, soil, and construction with vibrant photos and down-to-earth writing. 


    More books on xeriscaping and climate-wise gardening can be found in our upstairs nonfiction section or in our CATALOG.