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Straws Connectors

Roylco Straws & Connectors Builder Box

Use this building set to create three-dimensional objects. (Ages 4+)


Manga Tiles

Magna-Tiles Builder Box

Explore patterning, shape recognition, motor skills, and creativity with these colorful tiles. (Ages 3+)

KEVA Planks

KEVA Planks Builder Box

These precision cut blocks stack and stack allowing creative play while exploring balance, leverage, geometry and principles of physics. (Ages 5+)


LittleBits Tech Box

LittleBits - Explore technology and creativity with these easy-to-use electronic building blocks. (Ages 8+) 

Chain Reactions

Chain Reactions Tech Box

Learn about chain reactions and simple machines with these interactive toys, including the Lakeshore Create-A-Chain Reaction Stem Kit, and the Lego Chain Reactions Kit. (Ages 4+)

Coding Tech Box

Coding Tech Box

Build your coding skills with games suited to varying ages, including the Code & Go Robot Mouse, Robot Races, and Bloxels. (Ages 4+)

Letters and Numbers Box

Letters and Numbers Box

Build numbers and letters with colorful shapes. Transform letters into robots. (Ages 3+)

Shapes and Patterns Box

Shapes and Patterns Box

Increase shape and color recognition with pattern blocks, geoboards, brain flakes, and a construction kit. (Ages 3+)

Turing Tumble Box

Turing Tumble Box

Solve simple logic puzzles with a marble-powered computer. (Ages 8+)