Anderson, Kevin J.

Clockwork Angels

  1. Clockwork Angels
  2. Clockwork Lives

Dan Shambles, Zombie PI

  1. Death Warmed Over
  2. Unnatural Acts
  3. Hair Raising
  4. Slimy Underbelly

Saga of the Seven Suns

  1. Hidden Empire
  2. A Forest of Stars
  3. Horizon Storms
  4. Scattered Suns
  5. Of Fire and Night
  6. Metal Swarm
  7. The Ashes of Worlds

The Saga of the Shadows

  1. The Dark Between the Stars
  2. Blood of the Cosmos

Terra Incognita

  1. The Edge of the World
  2. The Map of All Things
  3. The Key to Creation

Dune series Co-written with Brian Herbert

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