Cook, Glen

The Black Company Series

  1. The Black Company
  2. Shadows Linger
  3. The White Rose
  4. Shadow Games (found in The Books of the South)
  5. Dreams of Steel (found in The Books of the South)
  6. The Silver Spike (found in The Books of the South)
  • Chronicles of the Black Company (contains books #1-3) (do not own)
  • The Books of the South (contains books #4-6)

Darkwar Trilogy

  1. Doomstalker (found only in Darkwar)
  2. Warlock (found only in Darkwar)
  3. Ceremony (found only in Darkwar)
  • Darkwar (contains books #1-3)

Instrumentalities of Night Series

  1. The Tyranny of the Night
  2. Lord of the Silent Kingdom
  3. Surrender to the Will of the Night
  4. Working God's Mischief
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