Callen, Gayle

Brides of Redemption Trilogy

  1. Return of the Viscount
  2. Surrender to the Earl
  3. Redemption of the Duke

Highland Weddings

  1. The Wrong Bride
  2. The Groom Wore Plaid
  3. Love With a Scottish Outlaw

Scandalous Lady Trilogy

  1. In Pursuit of a Scandalous Lady
  2. A Most Scandalous Engagement
  3. Every Scandalous Secret

Sisters of Willow Pond Trilogy

  1. The Lord Next Door
  2. The Duke in Disguise
  3. The Viscount in Her Bedroom

Sons of Scandal

  1. Never Trust a Scoundrel
  2. Never Dare a Duke
  3. Never Marry a Stranger

Spies and Lovers Series

  1. No Ordinary Groom
  2. The Beauty and the Spy
  3. A Woman's Innocence



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