Carlyle, Liz

Fraternitas Aureae Crucis

  1. One Touch of Scandal
  2. The Bride Wore Scarlet (labled as Rutlege #4)
  3. The Bride Wore Pearls (do not own)
  4. A Bride By Moonlight

Lorimer Family

  1. My False Heart (do not own, out of print)
  2. A Woman Scorned
  3. A Woman of Virtue
  4. A Deal with the Devil
  5. Wicked All Day


  1. The Devil to Pay
  2. One Little Sin
  3. Two Littlle Lies
  4. Three Little Secrets
  5. One Touch of Scandal

Neville Family

  1. Never Lie to a Lady
  2. Never Deceive a Duke
  3. Never Romance a Rake
  4. Tempted All Night

Rutledge Family

  1. Beauty Like the Night
  2. No True Gentleman
  3. The Devil You Know
  4. The Bride Wore Scarlet
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