Chesney, Marion

Edwardian Murder Mysteries (shelved under M.C. Beaton)

House for the Season Series

  1. The Miser of Mayfair (do not own)
  2. Plain Jane (do not own)
  3. The Wicked Godmother (do not own)
  4. Rake's Progress (do no own)
  5. The Adventuress (do not own)
  6. Rainbird's Revenge

Poor Relation Series

  1. Lady Fortescue Steps Out (do not own)
  2. Miss Tonks Turns to Crime
  3. Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace
  4. Sir Philip's Folly
  5. Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue (do not own)
  6. Back in Society

School for Manners Series

  1. Refining Felicity
  2. Perfecting Fiona (LP Only)
  3. Enlightening Delilah (do not own)
  4. Finessing Clarissa (do not own)
  5. Animating Maria (do not own)
  6. Marrying Harriet (LP Only)

Traveling Matchmaker Series

  1. Emily Goes to Exeter (LP Only)
  2. Belinda Goes to Bath (do not own)
  3. Penelope Goes to Portsmouth (do not own)
  4. Beatrice Goes to Brighton (LP Only)
  5. Deborah Goes to Dover
  6. Yvonne Goes to York
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