Compton, Ralph

Border Empire Series

  1. The Border Empire
  2. Sixguns and Double Eagles
  3. Train to Durango

Danielle Strange Series

  1. Death Rides a Chestnut Mare
  2. Shadow of a Noose
  3. Riders of Judgment
  4. Death Along the Cimarron

Sundown Riders Series

  1. North to Bitterroot
  2. Across the Rio Colorado
  3. Winchester Run
  4. Devil's Canyon
  5. Whiskey River
  6. Skeleton Lode
  7. Demon's Pass
  8. Runaway Stage (do not own)
  9. Do or Die (do not own)
  10. Nowhere, TX (do not own)
  11. Bucked Out in Dodge (do not own)
  12. West of Pecos (do not own)

Trail Drive Series

  1. The Goodnight Trail
  2. The Western Trail
  3. The Chisholm Trail
  4. The Bandera Trail
  5. The California Trail
  6. The Shawnee Trail
  7. The Virginia City Trail
  8. The Dodge City Trail
  9. The Oregon Trail
  10. The Santa Fe Trail
  11. The Old Spanish Trail
  12. The Deadwood Trail
  13. The Green River Trail
  14. The Dakota Trail (do not own)
  15. The Alamosa Trail (do not own)
  16. The Bozeman Trail (do not own)
  17. The Abilene Trail (do not own)
  18. Trail to Fort Smith (do not own)
  19. The Ogallala Trail (do not own)
  20. The Palo Duro Trail - by Jory Sherman
  21. The Ellsworth Trail (do not own)
  22. The Tenderfoot Trail (do not own)
  23. Trail to Cottonwood Falls (do not own)
  24. The Amarillo Trail
  25. The Omaha Trail
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