Dunn, Carola

Cornish Mystery Series

  1. Manna from Hades
  2. A Colorful Death
  3. Valley of the Shadow
  4. Buried in the Country

Daisy Dalrymple Series

  1. Death at Wentwater Court
  2. The Winter Garden Mystery
  3. Requiem for a Mezzo
  4. Murder on the Flying Scotsman
  5. Damsel in Distress
  6. Dead in the Water (do not own)
  7. Styx and Stones
  8. Rattle His Bones
  9. To Davy Jones Below (do not own)
  10. The Case of the Murdered Muckraker (do not own)
  11. Mistletoe and Murder (do not own)
  12. Die Laughing (do not own)
  13. A Mourning Wedding
  14. Fall of a Philanderer
  15. Gunpowder Plot
  16. The Bloody Tower
  17. Black Ship
  18. Sheer Folly
  19. Anthem for Doomed Youth
  20. Gone West
  21. Heirs of the Body
  22. Superfluous Women
  23. The Corpse at the Crystal Palace
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