Fairstein, Linda

Alexandra Cooper Series

  1. Final Jeopardy (large print only)
  2. Likely to die (do not own)
  3. Cold Hit (do not own)
  4. The Deadhouse (do not own)
  5. The Bone Vault (do not own)
  6. The Kills (do not own)
  7. Entombed (do not own)
  8. Death Dance (do not own)
  9. Bad Blood (do not own)
  10. Killer Heat (do not own)
  11. Lethal Legacy (do not own)
  12. Hell Gate (do not own)
  13. Silent Mercy (do not own)
  14. Night Watch (do not own)
  15. Death Angel (do not own)
  16. Terminal City (do not own)
  17. Devil's Bridge
  18. Killer Look
  19. Deadfall
  20. Blood Oath (do not own)

Kendra Michaels Series

  1. Close Your Eyes
  2. Sight Unseen
  3. The Naked Eye
  4. Night Watch
  5. Look Behind You

Devlin Quick Mysteries

  1. Into the Lion's Den
  2. Digging for Trouble
  3. Secrets from the Deep
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