Lee, Sharon

Carousel Series

  1. Carousel Tides
  2. Carousel Sun

Liaden Universe(co-written with Steve Miller)

  1. Agent of Change (do not own)
  2. Conflict of Honors (do not own)
  3. Carpe Diem (do not own)
  4. Plan B (do not own)
  5. Local Custom (do not own)
  6. Scout's Progress (do not own)
  7. I Dare (do not own)
  8. Balance of Trade (do not own)
  9. Crystal Soldier (do not own)
  10. Crystal Dragon (do not own)
  11. Fledgling (do not own)
  12. Saltation
  13. Mouse and Dragon (do not own)
  14. Ghost Ship
  15. Dragon Ship
  16. Necessity's Child
  17. Trade Secret
  18. Dragon in Exile
  19. The Gathering Edge
  20. Neogenesis
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