Peterson, Tracie

Alaskan Quest

  1. Summer of the Midnight Sun
  2. Under the Northern Lights
  3. Whispers of Winter

Bells of Lowell

  1. Daughter of the Loom
  2. A Fragile Design
  3. These Tangled Threads

Bridal Veil Island Series

  1. To Have and to Hold
  2. To Love and Cherish
  3. To Honor and Trust

Brides of Gallatin County Series

  1. A Promise to Believe In (do not own)
  2. A Love to Last Forever
  3. A Dream to Call My Own

Brides of Seattle

  1. Steadfast Heart
  2. Refining Fire
  3. Love Everlasting

Broadmoor Legacy Series

  1. A Daughter's Inheritance
  2. An Unexpected Love
  3. A Surrendered Heart

Brookstone Brides Series

  1. When You Are Near
  2. Wherever You Go

Desert Roses

  1. Shadows of the Canyon
  2. Across the Years
  3. Beneath a Harvest Sky

Golden Gate Secrets

  1. In Places Hidden
  2. In Dreams Forgotten
  3. In Times Gone By

Heart of Alaska

  1. In the Shadow of Denali
  2. Out of the Ashes
  3. Under the Midnight Sun

Heart of the Frontier

  1. Treasured Grace
  2. Beloved Hope
  3. Cherished Mercy

Heirs of Montana

  1. Land of My Heart
  2. The Coming Storm
  3. To Dream Anew
  4. The Hope Within

Ladies of Liberty

  1. A Lady of High Regard
  2. A Lady of Hidden Intent
  3. A Lady of Secret Devotion

Ladies of the Lake

  1. Destined for You
  2. Forever My Own
  3. Waiting on Love

Land of the Lone Star Series

  1. Chasing the Sun
  2. Touching the Sky
  3. Taming the Wind

Land of Shining Water

  1. The Icecutter's Daughter
  2. The Quarryman's Bride
  3. The Miner's Lady

The Lights of Lowell

  1. Tapestry of Hope
  2. A Love Woven True
  3. The Pattern of Her Heart

Lonestar Brides

  1. A Sensible Arrangement
  2. A Moment in Time
  3. A Matter of Heart

Ribbons of Steel Series

Ribbons West Series

Sapphire Brides

  1. A Treasure Concealed
  2. A Beauty Refined
  3. A Love Transformed

Song of Alaska Series

  1. Dawn's Prelude
  2. Morning's Refrain
  3. Twilight's Serenade

Striking a Match Series

  1. Embers of Love
  2. Hearts Aglow
  3. Hope Rekindled

Treasures of Nome Series

  1. Forever Hidden
  2. Endless Mercy

Willamette Brides Series

  1. Secrets of My Heart
  2. The Way of Love
  3. Forever by Your Side

Yukon Quest Series

  1. Treasures of the North
  2. Ashes and Ice
  3. Rivers of Gold
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