Tapply, William G.


Brady Coyne series

  1. Death at Charity's Point (do not own)
  2. The Dutch Blue Error
  3. Follow the Sharks (do not own)
  4. The Marine Corpse (do not own)
  5. Dead Meat (do not own)
  6. The Vulgar Boatman (do not own)
  7. A Void in Hearts
  8. Dead Winter (do not own)
  9. Client Privilege (do not own)
  10. The Spotted Cats (do not own)
  11. Tight Lines
  12. The Snake Eater (do not own)
  13. The Seventh Enemy (do not own)
  14. Close to the Bone (do not own)
  15. Cutter's Run
  16. Muscle Memory (do not own)
  17. Scar Tissue
  18. Past Tense
  19. A Fine Line
  20. Shadow of Death (do not own)
  21. Nervous Water
  22. Out Cold (do not own)
  23. One-way Ticket (do not own)
  24. Hell Bent (do not own)
  25. Outwitting Trolls

Stoney Calhoun series

  1. Bitch Creek
  2. Gray Ghost (do not own)
  3. Dark Tiger
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