Tremayne, Peter

Sister Fidelma series

  1. Absolution by Murder
  2. Shroud for the Archbishop (do not own)
  3. Suffer Little Children (do not own)
  4. The Subtle Serpent (do not own)
  5. The Spider's Web (do not own)
  6. Valley of the Shadow (do not own)
  7. The Monk Who Vanished
  8. Act of Mercy
  9. Hemlock at Vespers
  10. Our Lady of Darkness
  11. Smoke in the Wind (do not own)
  12. The Haunted Abbot
  13. Badger's Moon
  14. The Leper's Bell (do not own)
  15. Whispers of the Dead (do not own)
  16. Master of Souls
  17. A Prayer for the Damned
  18. Dancing with Demons
  19. Council of the Cursed
  20. The Dove of Death
  21. Chalice of Blood
  22. Behold a Pale Horse
  23. The Seventh Trumpet
  24. Atonement of Blood
  25. The Devil's Seal
  26. The Second Death
  27. Penance of the Damned
  28. Night of hte Lightbringer
  29. Bloodmoon (do not own)
  30. Blood in Eden (do not own)
  31. The Shapeshifter's Lair (do not own)
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