Truman, Margaret

Capital Crimes series

  1. Murder in the White House
  2. Murder on Capitol Hill
  3. Murder in the Supreme Court
  4. Murder in the Smithsonian
  5. Murder on Embassy Row
  6. Murder at the FBI (do not own)
  7. Murder in Georgetown
  8. Murder in the CIA
  9. Murder at the Kennedy Center
  10. Murder at the National Cathedral (large print only)
  11. Murder at the Pentagon
  12. Murder on the Potomac
  13. Murder at the National Gallery
  14. Murder in the House
  15. Murder at the Watergate
  16. Murder at the Library of Congress
  17. Murder in Foggy Bottom
  18. Murder in Havana
  19. Murder at Ford's Theatre
  20. Murder at Union Station
  21. Murder at the Washington Tribune
  22. Murder at the Opera
  23. Murder on K Street
  24. Murder inside the Beltway
  25. Monument to Murder
  26. Margaret Truman's Experiment in Murder - by Donald Bain
  27. Margaret Truman's Undiplomatic Murder - by Donald Bain
  28. Margaret Truman's Internship in Murder - by Donald Bain
  29. Margaret Truman's Deadly Medicine - by Donald Bain
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