Wick, Lori

Big Sky Dreams

  1. Cassidy
  2. Sabrina
  3. Jessie


  1. Whatever Tomorrow Brings
  2. As Time Goes By
  3. Sean Donovan
  4. Donovan's Daughter

English Garden

  1. The Proposal
  2. The Rescue
  3. The Visitor
  4. The Pursuit

Kensington Chronicles

  1. Hawk and the Jewel
  2. Wings of the Morning
  3. Who Brings Forth the Wind
  4. Knight and the Dove

A Place Called Home

  1. A Place Called Home (found in A Place Called Home; A Song for Silas)
  2. A Song for Silas (found in A Place Called Home; A Song for Silas)
  3. The Long Road Home
  4. A Gathering of Memories
  • A Place Called Home; A Song for Silas (contains books #1-2)

Rocky Mountain Memories

  1. Where the Wild Rose Blooms
  2. Whispers of Moonlight
  3. To Know Her by Name
  4. Promise Me Tomorrow

Tucker Mills Trilogy

  1. Moonlight on the Millpond 
  2. Just Above a Whispter
  3. Leave a Candle Burning 

The Yellow Rose Trilogy

  1. Every Little Thing About You
  2. A Texas Sky
  3. City Girl
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