Various Authors, American Girls


  1. Meet Addy
  2. Addy Learns a Lesson
  3. Addy's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Addy
  5. Addy Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Addy


  1. Meet Felicity
  2. Felicity Learns a Lesson
  3. Felicity's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Felicity
  5. Felicity Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Felicity


  1. Meet Josefina
  2. Josefina Learns a Lesson
  3. Josefina's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Josefina
  5. Josefina Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Josefina


  1. Meet Kristen
  2. Kristen Learns a Lesson
  3. Kristen's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Kristen
  5. Kristen Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Kristen


  1. Meet Kit
  2. Kit Learns a Lesson
  3. Kit's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Kit
  5. Kit Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Kit


  1. Meet Molly
  2. Molly Learns a Lesson
  3. Molly's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Molly
  5. Molly Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Molly


  1. Meet Samantha
  2. Samantha Learns a Lesson
  3. Samantha's Surprise
  4. Happy Birthday, Samantha
  5. Samantha Saves the Day
  6. Changes for Samantha


  1. Meet Caroline
  2. Caroline's Secret Message
  3. A Surprise for Caroline
  4. Caroline Takes a Chance
  5. Caroline's Battle
  6. Changes for Caroline

American Girls History Mysteries

  1. Smuggler's Treasure, The (Out of Print)
  2. Hoofbeats of Danger
  3. Night Flyers, The
  4. Voices at Whisper Bend
  5. Secrets on 26th Street
  6. Mystery of the Dark Tower
  7. Trouble at Fort La Pointe
  8. Under Copp's Hill
  9. Watcher in the Piney Woods
  10. Shadows in the Classhouse
  11. Minstrel's Melody, The
  12. Riddle of the Prairie Bride
  13. Enemy in the Fort
  14. Circle of Fire
  15. Mystery on Skull Island
  16. Whistler in the Dark
  17. Mystery at Chilkoot Pass
  18. Strange Case of Baby H, The (Out of Print)
  19. Danger at the Wild West Show
  20. Gangsters at the Grand Atlantic
  21. Ghost Light on Graveyard Shoal
  22. Betrayal at Cross Creek

American Girls Innerstar University

  1. A Girl's Best Friend
  2. Taking the Reins
  3. A Fork in the Trail
  4. Into the Spotlight
  5. A Winning Goal
  6. Braving the Lake
  7. A Surprise Find (Out of Print)
  8. Dive Right In
  9. Behind the Scenes
  10. The New Girl
  11. Quick Change (Out of Print)
  12. Bound for Snow
  13. Project Friendship
  14. Second Chances


  1. Meet Julie
  2. Julie Tells Her Story
  3. Happy New Year Julie
  4. Julie and the Eagles
  5. Julie's Journey
  6. Changes for Julie


  1. Aloha, Kanani
  2. Good Job, Kanani


  1. Meet Kaya
  2. Kaya's Escape
  3. Kaya's Hero
  4. Kaya and Lone Dog
  5. Kaya Shows the Way
  6. Changes for Kaya


  1. McKenna
  2. McKenna, Ready to Fly

American Girls Mysteries

  1. Bundle of Trouble: A Rebecca Mystery
  2. The Cameo Necklace: A Cecile Mystery
  3. Clue in the Castle Tower: A Samantha Mystery
  4. Clues in the Shadows: A Molly Mystery
  5. The Cry of the Loon: A Samantha Mystery
  6. The Crystal Ball: A Rebecca Mystery
  7. Curse of Ravenscourt: A Samantha Mystery
  8. Danger at the Zoo: A Kit Mystery
  9. The Hidden Gold: A Marie-Grace Mystery
  10. Lady Margaret's Ghost: A Felicity Mystery
  11. Light in the Cellar: A Molly Mystery
  12. Midnight in Lonesome Hollow: A Kit Mystery
  13. Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery
  14. Peril at King's Creek: A Feliciry Mystery
  15. The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery
  16. The Runaway Friend: A Kristen Mystery
  17. Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery
  18. Secrets in the Hills: A Josefina Mystery
  19. Shadows on Society Hill: An Addy Mystery
  20. Silent Stranger: A Kaya Mystery
  21. Silver Guitar: A Julie Mystery
  22. Spy on the Home Front: A Molly Mystery
  23. Stolen Sapphire: A Samantha Mystery
  24. The Tangled Web: A Julie Mystery
  25. Thief in the Theater: A Kit Mystery
  26. Traitor in Williamsburg: A Felicity Mystery

American Girls - New Orleans

  1. Meet Marie-Grace
  2. Meet Cecile
  3. Marie-Grace and the Orphans
  4. Troubles for Cecile
  5. Marie-Grace Makes a Difference
  6. Cecile's Gift
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