Connolly, Rebecca

Agents of the Convent

  1. Fortune Favors the Sparrow
  2. The Ears Have It

Arrangement Series

  1. An Arrangement of Sorts
  2. Married to the Marquess
  3. Secrets of a Spinster
  4. Dangers of Doing Good
  5. Burdens of a Bachelor
  6. A Bride Worth Taking
  7. A Wager Worth Making
  8. A Gerrard Family Christmas

London League Series

  1. The Lady and the Gent
  2. Rogue About Town
  3. A Tip of the Cap
  4. By Hook or by Rook
  5. Fall From Trace

 Spinster Chronicles 

  1. Merry Lives of Spinsters
  2. The Spinster and I
  3. Spinster and Spice
  4. My Fair Spinster
  5. God Rest Ye Merry Spinster
  6. What a Spinster Wants
  7. Spinster Ever After
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