Plaidy, Jean

Queens of England(in historical order)

  1. The Courts of Love
  2. The Queen's Secret
  3. The Reluctant Queen
  4. The Lady in the Tower
  5. The Rose Without a Thorn
  6. In the Shadow of the Crown
  7. Queen of This Realm
  8. Loyal in Love
  9. the Merry Monarch's Wife
  10. The Queen's Devotion
  11. Victoria Victorious

Tudor Saga(in historical order)

  1. To Hold the Crown
  2. Katharine of Aragon
  3. Murder Most Royal
  4. The King's Confidante
  5. The Sixth Wife
  6. The Thistle and the Rose
  7. Mary, Queen of France
  8. For a Queen's Love
  9. A Favorite of the Queen
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