Each complete set contains 15 copies of the title and one book club guide. The book club guide is a binder containing information about the book and author. These guides often contain questions to help stimulate discussion at your book club.

Reservation Procedures

  • Books must all be checked out on one Provo City Library Card in good standing.
  • Books check out for 6 weeks with no renewals.

You can check our Online Reservation Calendar to see when sets are available. To be able to make a reservation, there must be eight open weeks at the time you wish to reserve the set.  Colored segments of the calendar indicate that a set has been reserved at that time.  Dark gray squares designate insufficient time between reservations for a request to be accepted.

The calendar only has 6-9 months available for scheduling at a time.  At the beginning of every quarter (January, April, July, and October) we will open up a further 3 months for reservations.

January 1    
 Jan - Sep available
April 1  April - Dec available
July 1  Jul - Mar available
October 1  Oct - Jun available

Submit a Book Club Set Request Form online or in person at the 1st Floor Reference Desk.

Requests need to be submitted at least two to three days in advance of your desired pick-up date.


Our Book Club Team will check the reservation calendar to make sure the set is available on the date you requested.  If the set is available we will call or email you to confirm the reservation.  If the set is not available we will notify you and you may submit another request for a different title on the same date.

part-4 We will re-confirm your reservation by phone or email the week before your pick-up date

On the date that you requested to pick up a set, it will be waiting for you at the First Floor Reference Desk.  We will hold the set for one week from this date. 

People who have selected the “Set checked out” option on the request form will have the entire book club set, book club guide, and bag checked out ahead of time and ready for you to take right out of the library on the date you requested.