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Rare Objects

By Kathleen Tessaro
Capable and headstrong Maeve Fanning, a first generation Irish immigrant, is determined to better herself despite the overwhelming hardships of the Great Depression. However, Maeve also has a dangerous fondness for strange men and bootleg gin--a rebellious appetite that soon finds her spiraling downward, leading a double life. When the strain proves too much, Maeve becomes an unwilling patient in a psychiatric hospital, where she strikes up a friendship with an enigmatic young woman. Once out, Maeve lands a job at an antiques shop catering to Boston's wealthiest collectors. While delivering a purchase to the wealthy Van der Laar family, Maeve is introduced to beautiful socialite Diana Van der Laar--only to discover she's the young woman from the hospital. Desperate to leave her past behind, Maeve is forced to unearth her true values and discover how far she'll to go to reinvent herself.
378 pages
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