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Delia Owen’s debut novel WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING  is a powerful, character driven coming of age story set in North Carolina in the 50s and the 60s. Kya Clark, abandoned by her mother and brutalized by her father, finds peace and a sense of self in the marshy wilderness outside of Barkley Cove. When she meets Tate Walker, a shrimper’s son, she not only finds a friend, but also the joy of reading about nature and wildlife.  

Tate eventually goes off to school and Kya meets Chase, the golden boy of Barkley Cove. They are powerfully drawn to each other, and Kya falls in love.  But when Chase’s body is found in the swamp, everyone suspects Kya.

This is an atmospheric and romantic read. The writing creates such a strong sense of time and place, particularly when describing the coastal wilderness where Kya grows up.  Owen’s masterfully paints the small town biases and drama that drive the plot forward.

If you loved WHERE THE CRAWDADS SING and want more books like it, or are on the wait list and need something to tide you over, check out this list of read-a-likes that have a strong sense of time and place, beautiful figurative language, and quirky and sympathetic main characters that face hard things in their lives.

10.23 The Great AloneTHE GREAT ALONE
By Kristin Hannah

Lenora Allbright is 13 when her father convinces her mother, Cora, to forgo their inauspicious existence in Seattle and move to Kaneq, Alaska. Leni’s father is a Former Vietnam POW who thinks Alaska is the perfect place to start over again. Never was a family less prepared for the reality of Alaska, the long, cold winters and isolation.


10.23 Go Set a WatchmanGO SET A WATCHMAN
By Harper Lee

Twenty years after the trial of Tom Robinson, Scout comes home to Maycomb. She is torn between her love for her father and her loyalty to their African-American maid, Calpurnia, who raised her, and the new ideas that are growing up outside of Maycomb. Scout doesn’t just want to be a woman who gets married and starts a family. She wants more than just that circumscribed life. When Atticus takes a case to represent Calpurnia’s grandson, Scout has to face some hard truths about her father and about her life.


10.23 The GoldfinchTHE GOLDFINCH
By Donna Tart

A young boy in New York City, Theo Decker, miraculously survives an accident that takes the life of his mother. Alone and abandoned by his father, Theo is taken in by a friend's family and struggles to make sense of his new life.


10.23 The HelpTHE HELP
By Kathryn Stockett

It’s 1962, and Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan has just recently graduated from Ole Miss and has returned home to a society set in its ways. She wants to be a writer, but the social pressure to marry and start a family keeps pushing her farther and farther away from her dreams. She soon finds that she is on the fringes of a culture that she used to belong to. She soon becomes friends with Abilene and Minny, two African-American maids. After hearing their stories of raising white children, Skeeter decides to write a book that will fracture her world.


10.23 Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and SweetHOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET: A NOVEL
By Jamie Ford

Henry Lee, a Chinese American, is embroiled in an emotional journey into his past when the owner of the Panama Hotel finds artifacts from Japanese families sent to internment camps during World War II. When the owner finds a faded parasol, Henry is reminded of the beautiful Keiko Okabe with whom he fell in love in the 1940’s. When Kieko’s family is sent to the internment camps, they promise each other that their love will remain true.      


 Alternative Crafting

Do you enjoy crafting?

Are you tired of the same old Pinterest ideas?

Have you tried time and time again to stun your social media followers only to have your creations fail? 

via Gfycat

There has to be a better way! Books with alternative crafting techniques and ideas are sure to up your crafting game! Stay tuned for more information.                    

10.21 Playing with BooksPLAYING WITH BOOKS 
By Jason Thompson

It happens. You want to give a friend a makeover, but they’re all too gorgeous.

Creams. Hair products. Makeup. Nothing you add can make them any more beautiful than they already are.

Fortunately, Marie Kondo’s magic created thousands of potential friends in need of a makeover. Introducing: homeless books. You can help these lonely books by adopting them and giving them a makeover of a lifetime. You can turn books into bags, dresses, card holders, and more!This book will give you all the techniques you need to transform your books from frumpy to fabulous. 


10.21 Foraged ArtFORAGED ART
By Peter Cole

Can’t decide if you want to go outside and play or stay inside and craft? Good news! You don’t have to decide. Art can be found all around you. Make leaf creatures with Tommy and flower chains with Suzie.Foraged art is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Even grandma can join in on the fun. 


“I found my husband after reading this book!”-No One 

“My dog enjoys walks more now that we actually go outside.”-Someone 

“I don’t mind my allergies anymore. They help me find the best plants to use for my art pieces. The harder I sneeze the more art supplies I find!”-Anyone  


By Laura Dowling

Do you constantly find yourself with extra fruits and vegetables that you can’t possibly consume? Does your mother reprimand you for wasting your leftovers or playing with your food? Well, have no fear! This book can help you.

Wreaths can be made with anything: tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, limes, you name it! All these foods and more can be made into beautiful wreaths for any season.

It’s not wasting.

It’s not playing.

It’s creating.

What mother can argue with that? 


10.21 Crafting with Cat HairCRAFTING WITH CAT HAIR
By Kaori Tsutaya

It’s everywhere: on your couch, in your shoes, on your clothes, even in your bathroom sink.

Cat hair.

No matter what you do you can’t get rid of it. You’ve tried sweeping, vacuuming, lint rolling and nothing works. Maybe it’s time to try something new.


You can collect your cat’s hair and create amazing products: finger puppets, coin purses, badges, you name it. Don’t get frustrated with your cat’s shedding; utilize it in the best way possible and always keep a piece of your furry friend with you.

For you dog lovers out there, you might want to try KNITTING WITH DOG HAIR by Kendall Crolius. The library doesn’t have a copy, but we can get it for you. Just fill out an interlibrary loan form here.

 Reading Together Final

The Provo City Library is excited to announce our new collection of Read Along Books! Each Read Along Book comes with an attached audio player—that way young listeners can hear the audio recording of the book, complete with page turn signals, as they read. We were so excited about our new collection that we wanted to show you what Read Alongs are, where they are located in the library, and how you can find them in our catalog.


Be aware that some of the book covers for these Read Alongs may look different from what you are used to with regular library books. For example, the dust jacket (that paper that covers the hard bit of the book) for COME HOME ALREADY looks like this:

10.16 Come Home Already Regular Cover


While GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE looks like this:

10.16 Giraffes Cant Dance


The Read Alongs look a little bit different, like this:

10.16 Come Home Already Vox Cover


or this:

10.16 Giraffes Cant Dance Wonder Cover


This is different from the regular book covers in that they have either this Vox Books sticker:

10.16 Vox Sticker


Or a Wonder Book sticker:

Wonderbook Sticker



Vox Books and Wonder Books are two different companies that create Read Along books. Just like there are different book publishers for regular books, there are different publishers for Read Along books.

The Vox Books player that produces the audio for the book looks like this:

10.16 Inside a Vox Book

On the side of the Vox player is where you can turn on the device.

10.16 Side of a Vox Book

You can press play on the top part of a Vox Book here:

10.16 Vox Press Play


The Wonder Books are similar; here is what a Wonder Books device looks like:

 10.16 Wonder Device

Here is  the power button for a Wonder Book:

10.16 Wonder Power Button

And this is where you would press “play” for a Wonder Book:

10.16 Wonder Press Play



These fabulous Read Alongs are located in the Children’s Department on our Audio/Visual shelves.

10.16 Read Along Shelf Sign

just above the hanging book/cd collection.

10.16 Read Along Shelf



As you can see, there aren’t that many books on the shelf right now—most of them are all checked out! So, you can find out which read alongs are available in the library catalog by:

1. Pulling up the library’s website.

2. Looking in the upper right hand corner of our website to find the catalog search box. Then type “jrp” (which stands for “Juvenile Read Along Picture Books”) and hit enter.

10.16 Enter JRP in catalog

3. Once you hit enter, a search results page will open. Scroll down. On the left hand side there is a string of ways to “Limit Search Results”. The very last (on the bottom) of these is the way you can limit by “collection”. Check the box that is by the “JRP” as a collection type.

10.16 Collection JRP

4. Press the “Include” button.

10.16 Collection JRP Include



The second type of Read Alongs that we have are the Juvenile Read Along Easy Readers, like DINOTRUX GO TO SCHOOL.

10.16 Dinotrux Easy Reader Wonderbook Cover


To find these in the catalog you would do the exact same thing that I described above, only you would:

1. Enter “jre” in the catalog search box (instead of “jrp”).

10.16 Enter JRE in Catalog

2. Down at the bottom of the “Limit Search Results” boxes you would find the limit by “collection” box and check the box by “JRE” as a collection type.

10.16 Collection JRE

3. Then press the “Include” button.

10.16 Collection JRE Include


There is a limit of two Read Alongs that can be checked out on a library card at any given time. So just remember  that if you have multiple holds come in all at once you are still limited to only checking out two Read Alongs at a time. Like other library materials, this collection can be checked out for three weeks.

There you go. Hopefully now you know more about the brand new Read Along collection, a little bit about how they work, and how to find them in the library and in the catalog. We hope you enjoy this fun new way of interacting with books!

Forgive me for such a long blog post! I just want to make sure I give you all the information about this fun new collection! If you still have questions after this lengthy post, please feel free to talk to a Children’s Librarian about the Read Alongs.


Over the past couple months our kitchen faucet started to drip. It started out slow, maybe one drip every 30 seconds once we noticed it. When it got to one drip every five seconds I started to go crazy.

Now, I can be “handy” when I want/need to be, but I also like to give learning opportunities to others. And I was lazy. So, the honey-do list became simply, “fix the drip.”

He tried. He got the drip to temporarily slow to once every 20 seconds, but it wasn’t long before it was down to once every two seconds. I was going mad, and he didn’t know what else to do. His “fixes” weren’t doing anything… and were occasionally making it worse.

Then while at work my mind drifted for a moment and I remembered—the Library has a resource called Home Improvement Reference Center! Surely that will tell me how to fix a dripping faucet! This Reference Center makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for. My path was simply: Plumbing > Kitchens > Sinks & Faucets > Common Problems & Repairs.

The PDF article I found was perfect, and I immediately emailed it directly to my husband through the Reference Center. I didn’t have to download it or anything!

With this document, we learned about different types of faucets and how to identify them (so many helpful pictures!), and what can lead to the dreaded drip.

With this information and the deteriorating parts in a baggie, we headed to Home Depot with enough knowledge and information to get the materials for a simple repair.

We did it! My kitchen sink no longer drips and my sanity has been restored!

Whether you’re as inexperienced with home repair as us, or you’re a pro and looking to remodel your bathroom, the Home Improvement Reference Center has articles and guides to help you with your next project. It’s definitely something I will revisit again in the future.

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