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If you are anything like me, then you’ve already bingewatched all episodes of The Dragon Prince on Netflix. How can you fill the hole in your heart until the next season comes out? 

You can’t. Sorry. 

However, you can fill your time by reading these wonderful books with similar themes of friendship, magic, and intrigue. 

8.26 Singer of All SongsTHE SINGER OF ALL SONGS
By Kate Constable

When Calwyn, a young priestess with ice magic, comes across an injured man within the holy sanctuary, she finds herself on an adventure to save the land of Tremaris from an evil sorcerer. This book will appeal to those interested in magic systems and unlikely heroes. 


8.26 TruthwitchTRUTHWITCH
By Susan Dennard

In a land on the brink of war, a Truthwitch is a highly sought after prize. Safiya just wants to live in peace, but her Truthwitch powers make that wish nearly impossible. If you like magic and princes, then this book could be for you. 


8.26 Shadowfell 2SHADOWFELL
By Juliet Marillier

Neryn is a normal fifteen-year-old girl. Or so she thought. When she meets the Good Folk she finds out she has the power to stop a wicked king and save her country. Those interested in the magical creatures of Xadia will certainly enjoy this read.  


By Akira Himekawa

Link must protect the Twilight Realm and the World of Light when an evil presence threatens to take over everything. If you love the art style in The Dragon Prince, then this graphic novel may be the visual appeal you need. 


8.26 Revenge of the WitchREVENGE OF THE WITCH
By Joseph Delaney

Tom is the seventh son of a seventh son and becomes the apprentice of the village spook to protect the townsfolk from all manner of magical beasts. Those who enjoyed the character development in The Dragon Prince will be pleased with Tom’s growth in this book. These reads may not replace The Dragon Prince, but they are sure to bring entertainment and fantasy to any household. Happy reading!


 8.9 Tales of Technology

There have been many improvements in the technological world within the past decade that have forever changed the way we live. Sometimes I get scared thinking about just how much information is available online! And let’s face it: we all know that one person who claims technology will be the death of the human race. If you haven’t recently pondered about technology’s power here are some books that will help you start thinking about its influence.  

8.9 Ready Player OneREADY PLAYER ONE
By Ernest Cline

Wade Watts, a poor and orphaned teenager, spends most of his day on a virtual reality game called the OASIS, like the millions of other people on earth. The OASIS’s late creator embedded a puzzle behind for only the most cunning players to solve. The prize? Wealth beyond imagination, and Wade has just found the first clue… In a race against both time and millions of other determined players, Wade is on the adventure of his life.  


By John Carreyrou

Carreyrou’s journalism skills are on point in covering the slow yet steady implosion of the Theranos company, headed by infamous CEO Elizabeth Holmes. Through performing interviews and meticulous research, Carreyrou presents the catastrophic and unbelievable story of how Holmes misled investors and employees for years about the “miracle” technology that was going to change the face of modern healthcare. You won’t believe this is based on a true story as you read!  


8.9 The CircleTHE CIRCLE 
By Dave Eggers

This book explores what reality would be like if society took technology that far. Mae gets a job at the Circle, a powerful internet company. The higher she climbs in the company, the more she realizes how little privacy she retains in her personal life. This book features unique yet troubling technology use: politicians live stream their every move, so their viewers can experience their life with them. When Mae starts streaming her life for millions of followers, she must decide how loyal she will be to the Circle. Eggers challenges our thoughts about intrusive technology and leaves the reader hanging on until the end!


Funny Book

I love to read books about comedians, comedy’s impact in the world, and books that are just plain funny.  I’ve been known to send many jokes to friends and loved ones because I can’t resist sharing a good laugh with those I love.  There are countless books that contribute to the laughs in the world, and I find them irresistible!  Here are a few favorites that are too good for me to keep them to myself, in a few of my favorite packages:

Comedian Biography

A comedian’s biography will usually overview their life, and can sometimes examine their personal demons as well as their greatest triumphs, as is the case with Dave Itzkoff’s book about Robin Williams called ROBIN.  One of the most popular of this group has to be BOSSYPANTS by Tina Fey, which not only talks about the course of her career, but is sprinkled along the way with her (often hilarious) observations.  It’s well worth the read, and the audiobook, narrated by Fey herself, is a winner.  This category also definitely needs to mention Billy Crystal’s STILL FOOLIN' 'EM, the story of his life which has its share of laughs combined with heart, personal loss and redemption, and some absolutely amazing experiences.

Comedy as the Subject

Many books love to talk about comedy as a phenomenon, especially because their stories are usually a roller-coaster-ride of their rise in popularity, bumps along the way, and eventual fall or translation into something new.  SEINFELDIA: HOW A SHOW ABOUT NOTHING CHANGED EVERYTHING by Jennifer Armstrong and AS YOU WISH: INCONCEIVABLE TALES FROM THE MAKING OF THE PRINCESS BRIDE by Cary Elwes are excellent examples.  But my personal favorite is probably THE DAILY SHOW: AN ORAL HISTORY AS TOLD BY JON STEWART, THE CORRESPONDENTS, STAFF, AND GUESTS by Chris Smith.  Not only is this the story of a show which singled-handedly created a new genre of humor, but an overview of the major events of America during its time, especially the political landscape and its shifts.  It’s an interesting way to review the events of the past two decades, to be sure.

Comedy as the Content

Lastly, you can just go straight for the jokes.  There are quite a few excellent comedians out there who are willing to package up their trusted material and let the masses experience them without the cost of admission.  Ellen DeGeneres has published a delightful collection of bits in SERIOUSLY... I'M KIDDING, but my favorite comedian-turned-author has to be Jim Gaffigan, whose titles even crack me up: DAD IS FAT, and FOOD: A LOVE STORY being a couple of favorites. These books are best suited to audiobook listening because they are usually performed by the author, and you get the benefit of all their skillful delivery and timing. 

Reading in Sun

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, the best way to beat the heat is to curl up in your air conditioned room with a good book. These five books are stories about children in summer who go on adventures and face all kinds of mythical and very real problems. Check out any of the following books to stop sweating the heat and be sucked into a summerland tale. 

8.5 The Remarkable Journey of Coyote SunriseTHE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE
By Dan Gemeinhart

Coyote is a twelve-year-old girl who has been living on the road with her father, Rodeo, for the past five years. They travel all around the U.S. in motorhome converted from an old school bus. They drive for adventure, but also to escape the home where her mom and two sisters were lost in a car crash. But when a park is planned to be demolished in their hometown, the park that holds a buried memory box their whole family hid, they must make the trip back to rescue it. Their fun, care-free lifestyle embodies the feel of a summer vacation and makes the book a captivating read. 


8.5 The Last Last Day of SummerTHE LAST LAST-DAY-OF-SUMMER
By Lamar Giles

With the last day of summer bringing that feeling of dread, Otto and Shead, cousins who can’t help their desire to spy and uncover the secrets in their little town in Virginia, mistakenly stop time. While frozen in the last day of summer, they meet strange people and creatures and roll off into the adventure of a lifetime. But having a perpetual summer day isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If they don’t unfreeze time, time could stop for good. 


8.5 Where the Watermelons GrowWHERE THE WATERMELONS GROW
By Cindy Baldwin

Della discovers her mother picking black seeds out of a watermelon one summer’s night and can tell something isn’t quite right. Her mother has struggled with mental illness in the past to the point of hospitalization. With her father’s farm in trouble, Della sees that she needs to be the one to help her mama heal before her home falls apart. What does she use as medicine? Her neighbor’s magic honey. It may just heal the heartache in her life. 


8.5 Counting to PerfectCOUNTING TO PERFECT
By Suzanne LaFleur

All of Cassie’s problems seem to be because of her sister, Julia, who is the favorite daughter and receives all the attention now that she has a daughter of her own. It seems no one cares about her competitive swim meets and collapsing group of friends. So when Julia tells Cassie that she’s going on a road trip with her daughter and isn’t telling their parents of her plans, Cassie forgoes her summer plans and hops in the car with her sister for a road trip that will change her perspective completely. 


8.5 SummerlostSUMMERLOST
By Ally Condie

After the devastating death of her father and brother, Cedar’s family packs up to spend the summer in Iron Creek. While settling into their house, Cedar sees a boy dressed randomly in a costume riding his bike through town. When she follows him, she finds herself at the town’s Summerlost theatre festival. She gets a job in concessions, makes new friends, and discovers the mystery that shrouds the festival and follows her. 


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