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We get it. Sometimes you just want to know what books are new. If you come into the library you can find new book sections throughout our library. In children’s, we have shelves designated for new picture books, new fiction, and new informational books. In the adult department, we have two displays for new adult fiction and new nonfiction as well as designated shelves for new YA titles. Any of these places are great to browse if you just want something new to read. 

But if you can’t come into the library in-person, where can you find new titles? 

One easy way is to do a catalog search and limit your search results to a specific “new” section. So, let’s say that I want to see all the new children’s fiction titles. 

Start by pulling up the library catalog. 

What s New 1


Next, jump down to the “Collection” filter (it will be all the way at the bottom on the left side) 

What s New 2


Select “View All” to see all your options 

What s New 3


Then scroll until you find the collection you want, we want J New Fiction but you can also look up J New Picture Book, J New Informational, NEW BOOKS – FICTION, NEW BOOKS – NONFICTION, New Books – Young Adult, NEW LARGE PRINT, or New YA Nonfiction to find new books in those areas. 

What s New 4


Click “Include” in the top right corner and you’ll pull up a list of all the books that are currently in our J New Fiction section – even if they’re checked out! 

What s New 5


You can read book summaries and place books on hold without leaving the comfort of your own home.


If you’ve been watching our STORIES IN THE STUDIO, then you’ve seen some pretty fun puppets and their shenanigans. Did you know that members of our children’s department have worked together to make those puppets? It’s true. Now you can be truly amazed when you watch the show. Anyway, I have to be going now. I have- Wait. What? You want to know how to make a puppet of your own? Well, why didn’t you say so? Here are some fun puppet making books that are sure to get you on the right track of puppet making. 

1.13 Puppet ManiaPUPPET MANIA!
By John E. Kennedy

This book teaches how to make classic fabric puppets. It covers 13 different designs that would give any puppet show a leg up. 


1.13 Making PuppetsMAKING PUPPETS
By Toby Reynolds

This guide to puppet making introduces how to create puppets out of every day materials. If you have a sock, cup or spoon, then you can make a puppet! This is the perfect craft book for a rainy day. 


1.13 Make Your Own PuppetsMAKE YOUR OWN PUPPETS
By Anna-Marie D’Cruz

This kid-friendly guide to puppet making lets kids explore their creativity. You can make a creepy crawly puppet, cool animals, and even plants! 


1.13 Knitted Finger PuppetsKNITTED FINGER PUPPETS
By Meg Leach

Learn how to knit adorable finger puppets. This book includes clear instructions for several different puppet characters and includes a section where you can learn how to design your own. 


1.13 Dressing the Naked HandDRESSING THE NAKED HAND
By Amy White

This ultimate guide to puppets teaches how to make quality puppets, how to make a puppet stage, and how to make your puppeteering a believable experience for audience members.


One Pan Recipes Soup

One pan cooking adds variety to mealtimes without adding more dishes. Our library has a huge collection of cookbooks, including a variety of cookbooks focusing on one pan—or pot—cooking. Whether you have an instant pot or an iron skillet, there’s a one pan option for everyone. Here are some new one-pot and one-pan cookbooks that are packed with ways to maximize flavors and minimize clean up. 

By Marge Perry and David Bonom

Using easy-to-find ingredients and new takes on comfort food dishes from around the world, HERO DINNERS provides a great introduction into one-pan cooking that is easy and satisfying. These one-pan meals focus on the strengths of sheet pans and skillets, with tips for how to minimize clean-up and get the most out of the simple ingredients. 


by Lisa Burns

While the instant pot has a variety of settings from sauté to pressure cooking, it can be confusing and even intimidating to use. FAMILY MEALS FROM SCRATCH focuses on delicious and kid-friendly recipes while walking through each step in a clear and concise way. From take-out favorites to dessert, there’s sure to be a recipe perfect for your home menu. 


1.11 One Pot VegetarianONE-POT VEGETARIAN
By Sabrina Fauda-Role

Whether you’re a vegetarian or looking for a delicious meal for Meatless Monday, these plant-based recipes cover soups, stews, and casseroles packed with flavor and nutrition.ONE-POT VEGETARIAN focuses on one-pot stove top cooking for any palette, from mac and cheese to dahl, and includes tips for some powerful flavor combinations to make your flavors really stand out. 


By Anne Byrn

Skillet Love covers all the basics about cooking with a cast-iron skillet, including cast-iron care and other tips. The large collection of appetizers, mains, and desserts are made to satisfy any diet or picky eater. A lot of the recipes are southern comfort food like shrimp and grits or fried okra, but it also includes skillet classics like scalloped potatoes and steaks. You can take these recipes on the road and dress-up your camping fare, or cook these while cozy at home.


Snow Mittens 

There is something about winter that makes it seem perfectly pleasant to stay indoors cozied up with a favorite book. It helps, of course, that we live in a place with cold, snowy winters. But there is something undeniably nice about turning the pages of a book during the shorter days of winter. For me, it is a soothing and calming activity during a time of year that can often feel hectic, and not only during the holidays. 

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wintry (but not Holiday-centric) picture books that beg to be enjoyed by families on a long winter night. 

1.4 Before MorningBEFORE MORNING
By Joyce Sidman
Illustrated by Beth Krommes

This peaceful poem expresses a child’s wish for an overnight winter storm so mighty that it stops the world. I refuse to believe that this child and I are the only ones who have ever wished for a big blizzard that makes the busy world stop. This longing sensation, a decidedly wintry one, is perfectly expressed by Newbery medalist, Joyce Sidman and is perfectly matched by gorgeous scratchboard illustrations from Caldecott medalist Beth Krommes. This is a quiet, slow and mesmerizing book perfectly suited for a winter bedtime. 


1.4 CozyCOZY
By Jan Brett

Nearly any of Jan Brett’s books could be on this list, because her signature artistic style is so associated with winter reading (if you haven’t read her version of THE MITTEN you really ought to). But COZY, her newest book, is an especially sweet story of winter friendship. Cozy is a young musk ox in Alaska, named for his especially silky coat. When he is separated from his herd during a harsh winter, his coat protects him from the winter chill. Soon, a growing number of animals seek shelter in his coat which prompts Cozy to set some “house rules” so everyone will get along. If you know Jan Brett, you know to expect beautiful illustrations and incredibly detailed side panels that young readers will spend hours exploring, 


1.4 Katy and the Big SnowKATY AND THE BIG SNOW
By Virginia Lee Burton

Virginia Lee Burton is a classic children’s author and illustrator who wrote lots of stories of personified things, but KATY AND THE BIG SNOW holds a special place in my heart, and not just because it’s perfectly wintry. Katy is a tractor with a snow plow attached to her front who only gets brought out on very snowy days when the town needs her the most. She waits, and waits, and waits until a big snow storm arrives and then she happily goes to work clearing the streets so that people in the town can get where they need to go. Truck-obsessed children will love seeing Katy at work, and the vintage illustrations make such excellent use of white space that this book can be read over and over and still be charming – especially on a snowy day after seeing a snow plow at work! 


1.4 Goodbye Autumn Hello WinterGOODBYE AUTUMN, HELLO WINTER
By Kenard Pak

This is part of Kenard Pak’s series of books showing two children saying goodbye to one season and welcoming another. The entire series is beautiful, but this entry holds a special spot in my heart. We follow the two children on a long walk as we watch the season start to turnover. We see the tell-tale signs that autumn is ending – like piles of leaves and crisp early evenings all moving towards the inevitable snowfall. The text in this quiet and inviting book is sweet, but the illustrations and how they manage to really feel like the change in seasons are what will make this book a delight to read over and over again – especially as we prepare for a snowfall. 


1.4 Snowflake BentleySNOWFLAKE BENTLEY
By Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Illustrated by Mary Azarian

There are a surprising number of Caldecott winners about winter, which made it a difficult choice to recommend just one. But in the end, I had to pick this nostalgic favorite – a picture book biography about Wilson Alwyn Bentley. Bentley, or Snowflake Bentley, was a self-taught scientist who studied the microscopic world of snowflakes by photographing thousands of flakes to study their form and prove that no snowflake is alike. The incredible illustrations in this book are done with woodblock and hand-tinting to evoke the snowy 19th century Vermont town where Bentley lived. This is a simple but beautiful book that could act as an invitation to explore snow science with children.


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