Browsing Spanish books in the library catalog can be a bit tricky. One wrong click and you end up in the dangerous culinary confection section and your search is thwarted. Luckily, we’ve provided this quick guide to help you navigate your search to the Children’s Spanish materials of your dreams. 

First, go to our home page here (

Once there, you can access our catalog by clicking on the Search Catalog in the upper right hand corner. 


Click on the Search button and you will arrive at our general catalog section for every book in the library.Here you can either search for a specific book title in the box on the right. Or you can change the far left drop down menu from Everything to Español. 

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Click Enter and you will only see the materials we have in Spanish. This trick is nice if you are okay with browsing the adult and children’s materials simultaneously. However, if you want to narrow your search to only children’s materials, please read on.

First, make sure nothing is typed in the text field on the right. Next, notice the column titled Limit Search Results on the far left. This section has subheadings such as author, format, Language, etc. 


Scroll all the way down to the last option labeled Collection.


Once you find the collection section go ahead and click on the View All button. 


A box should pop up with options for all the collections in our library. 


*Hint: When looking for Children’s Spanish materials, most of them are in the same section labeled J Spanish _______. However, there are two exceptions. 1) 1:JRSP is for the Children’s Spanish Playaway books and 2) 1:JSPANC is for the Children’s Spanish comics and graphic novels. 

Scroll down until you find the name of the collection you want to browse and then click on the square to the left (you can choose more than one collection to browse at once). In this case, I chose J Spanish Early Reader and J Spanish Intermediate 


A little check mark should appear next to the ones you would like to look at.Next, click the Include button. 


Now everything in the collection(s) you selected should appear in your search like the one below. 


Happy browsing!

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