Covid Date

Covid-19 has made it so couples can’t go out dancing, to the movies, parties, or go on romantic getaways together. But let’s not have a pandemic get in the way of love! The library is here to help in the romance department by offering many fun and free resources. Whether it is a first date or a 50-year anniversary, we have you covered!


Pop some popcorn and cuddle up with a movie. We have a wide range of movies that can be checked out whether you are in the mood for action, a classic, or a good Rom-Com. We also have a streaming video service called Kanopy that you are able to access with your library card. They specialize in classic and Indie films.



Being quarantined has given people a lot of time to try new things and learn new hobbies. Whatever you are looking for, we have you covered. We have books that give you instruction on how to draw, paint, garden, or even cosplay. Along with our books we have what we call “Let’s Learn Guides” that have been written by our librarians. They have links to different sources and include activities that can be done in groups. We also have CreativeBug that has wonderful tutorials on journaling, painting, drawing, and more.



If you are not that crafty and you want to do something more active together then just watch a movie then be sure to check out our board games. Our games are fun and varied and can be checked out like our books and DVDS. Check out our website for a list of games.

Sweet or Salty

Whether you are watching a movie, playing a game, or doing arts and crafts it’s always a good time to eating something yummy. Make a delicious candlelight dinner for two or make each other’s favorite dessert. We have countless cookbooks to fit your needs, whatever they are.



It’s been a rough year where traveling has been grounded. But do you dream about seeing the Great Wall of China? Maybe a romantic gondola ride in Italy? Or maybe you want to go on an African Safari. Although you may not be able to travel there physically you can at least travel virtually. Not only are our books on travel and countries available but we also have a wonderful resource called Global Road Warrior that you can access with your library card. On this site you can pick a place anywhere in the world and dive into the history, religion, culture, Holidays, and food. The site gives recipes to the most popular food from the country. You can also learn about the language spoken and learn some phrases. If you want to study the language even more so you can be ready when you actually go there then we have another resource, Pronunciator, that can give you daily lessons.


It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s a movie, game, or craft, it is always important to make time for those you care about and spend time with them by learning new things, having fun, and creating memories.


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