Avatar the Last Airbender 

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, Nickelodeon created a series that inspired many around the world. Then, everything changed when a pandemic hit. Only Netflix, a streaming service, could bring people together by airing the series. And when the world needed that the most, they did it. Old fans rejoiced while a new generation was inspired. And I believe it saved us all…. from boredom.

For fans of Avatar the Last Airbender that opening will sound familiar. It was a series that could be watched and entertained by multiple generations. It had great life lessons for kids to grow up with - thank you Uncle Iroh - while also having deeper elements for adults to enjoy - Ba Sing Se am I right?

Many have binged the series since it started streaming on Netflix this past Spring during shutdowns caused by COVID-19. But with it only having three seasons the binge can be short lived and it is always sad to see the end of such an amazing series. It had an amazing plot, deep characters, and wonderful world building that included power over the elements. If you are anything like me and can’t get enough of this remarkable world then here is a list of books that have similar themes so that you can continue your ATLA love.  

10.30 RoarROAR
By Cora Carmack

Aurora, the sole heir of Pavan, is on her way to becoming the perfect queen. But despite being brave, honorable, and intelligent, she has a rather large and an important secret. She has yet to show any trace of magic and she will need that in order to protect her people. Will she fall into ruin, have to marry, or find a third option that will help her be who she was born to be.


10.30 A Song of Wraiths and RuinsA SONG OF WRAITHS AND RUIN                                                                                
By Roseanne A. Brown                                                                                                                    

It was supposed to be a chance for him and his sisters to escape their war-stricken home and start a new life. But then Malik’s sister was abducted by a vengeful spirit. Now the price for her freedom is for Malik to kill Karina, Crown Princess of Ziran.


10.30 Three Dark CrownsTHREE DARK CROWNS
By Kendare Blake

Three queens are born as heirs to the thrown and each one is the possessor of special magic. There is the elemental, the poisoner, and the naturalist. In order to become the Queen Crowned the sisters have to fight for it and it is a game of life and death.


10.30 FurybornFURYBORN
By Claire Legrand

Rielle Dardenne may be one of the prophesized queens, the Sun Queen. But first she will need to prove herself in seven trials that involves elemental magic. A thousand years later a bounty hunter named Eliana must find her mother. As both women fight in a war a millennia a part their paths will intersect.


10.30 Kingdom of SoulsKINGDOM OF SOULS
By Rena Barron

All Arrah wants is magic of her own, but each year, with growing disapproval from her mother, she fails to call forth her ancestral powers. As a last resort she could trade years of her own life for scraps of magic. But then children start disappearing from the kingdom and the demon king is stirring.  


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