Graphic Novels 

We have already explored some of the graphic novel adaptations that the Library has of classic literature and modern classics. Here to round out our list are classic nonfiction titles that have been transformed through images.  

6.24 Anne Franks DiaryANNE FRANK’S DIARY
By Anne Frank
Adapted by Ari Folman
Illustrated by David Polonsky

Explore the story of Anne Frank through illustrations and text from her diary in this authorized graphic biography of a young girl as she faces persecution and hatred during World War II. 


6.24 On the Origin of SpeciesON THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES
By Charles Darwin
Adapted by Michael Keller
Illustrated by Nicolle Rager Fuller

In this graphic adaptation of Darwin’s famous work, learn more about his pioneering research, the initial public reception, and some of the most recent breakthroughs in evolutionary theory. 


6.24 The Communist ManifestoTHE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO
By Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Adapted by Martin Rowson
Illustrated by Martin Rowson

 Considered to be one of the most influential works of political theory, THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO is brought to life through editorial cartoon style illustrations and lively wit. 


6.24 The Life Changing Manga of Tidying UpTHE LIFE CHANGING MANGA OF TIDYING UP
By Marie Kondo
Illustrated by Yuko Uramoto

Learn about the KonMari Method of tidying up in this fictional and fun case study of one young woman who is struggling with messes in her home, her love life, and her future as she gets advice and inspiration from Marie Kondo. 


Do you have any graphic novel adaptations of nonfiction titles? Share them in the comments and be sure to look for our favorite classic literature and modern classic lists.

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