People deal with stress and anxiety in very different ways. And sometimes our way of dealing morphs throughout a crisis or stressful change. I think most of us are figuring out how we individually deal, and sometimes do not deal, with uncertain times. I feel like I spent three weeks freaking out and am finally getting to the point where I can start thinking about what I can do to prepare for whatever the heck is coming next. I’ve started to find comfort in action, which is a little frustrating because I can’t really do a lot while isolating myself and my family in our home.

You may be feeling some of the same things. My heart especially goes out to those finding themselves unexpectedly unemployed. So, I thought I would send out to you support and well wishes, which do not really help you pay rent, as well as this blog post with some ideas on how you can prepare for the job hunt you’ll be starting this summer when things hopefully start returning to some type of normal.

Planning For Your Future

One amazing place to start preparing is This website for Utah residents is full of resources applicable to several stages in life. It is great for students to prepare for college and entering the job market. It is great for adults possibly looking for a new career path or needing to brush up on some basic skills like writing, math, and computer skills. There are also resources for family to help support the job hunter in your home.

Skill Development

Now is a great time to enhance your resume with some new or updated skills! Below are some resources to learn all types of things from coding to organization, new languages, familiarity with computers and technology, communication and leadership skills, and the list goes on. Many courses also let you earn a certificate of completion which could be helpful.

Lynda is a resource we are always trying to encourage people to use. It is such a valuable tool and covers so many topics. The instructors are amazing and the quality all around is hard to beat. I took a look at some good courses for anyone just starting a job search and I found these wonderful options.

  • Job Search Strategies: Learn the latest techniques to find jobs efficiently and effectively. This course teaches you how to develop your profile and brand, seek advertised and unadvertised positions, network successfully to broaden your circle, and work with recruiting professionals. Valerie includes strategies for both the online and offline worlds.
  • Engage the Likability Effect in the Job Search: Research indicates that likability can be equally if not more important than competence when hiring managers are making decisions. Likability also helps you succeed once you land the job: Likable employees get more assistance and earn more promotions. In this course, you can learn simple techniques for making yourself a more appealing candidate by shifting behaviors that influence how others perceive you, ultimately becoming more likable to your network and the decision-makers in the hiring process. 
  • Writing a Resume: Finding a great job starts with writing a great resume, one that speaks to your personal and professional strengths. Learn how to write a resume that stands out and makes employers take notice.


Pronunciator is where to go to improve or gain new language skills. They have almost 200 languages available with the ability to personalize your course so you can start at different proficiency levels and also customize the type of vocabulary you want based on occupation or interests. 

Learning Express Library

Learning Express Library can also be accessed through UtahFutures but I wanted to highlight some of their menus that may help you track down the features of most use.  One is the Career Preparation Center which has resources for improving your job search, interviewing, and networking skills.  Then you may also want to check out the Popular Software Skills Center which includes three courses, Master Microsoft Office, Learn Computer Graphics and Illustration, and Understanding Your Operating System.

Job Search Resources

While I understand that actually talking to someone at Workforce Services right now is very difficult, given how many calls they are receiving, they have a lot of information also available on their website and it is definitely worth a look.

Also, this Thursday, April 16th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Workforce Services is hosting their first statewide VIRTUAL job fair!  To register, create an account or log in to your “my Job Search” account at  Find your calendar in your messages and alerts and then register for Utah’s Statewide Virtual Job Fair found on April 16th. 

My final resource may not automatically look like it would be useful to job hunters, but it can actually be really helpful.  ReferenceUSA is an extensive online directory that can help you research a business or company you are wanting to work for or it can actually help you search for the names of companies in a specific market or field. This can help you in your search efforts so you know more about a company before interviewing with them or know where to apply for the types of job you are wanting. 

We are going to get through this! Things are going to keep getting better. Hopefully getting a head start on your job search will help you feel some approximation of control over your future. And when we reopen, whenever that may be, please come visit us for access to computers, printers, books, and just to say hi. Because we miss seeing your faces!

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