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Music is magical. It can also be beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Music can be a mood lifter, it can help us feel better, more energized, or even calm us down. Can you imagine watching a movie without any music playing in the background or going to an aerobics class to work out without any music?               

We benefit from music in so many ways and children can also benefit from exposure to music. Music is fun and encourages movement.  You may have noticed your child dancing or moving to their favorite songs. As they move to the rhythm of their favorite songs, they also develop small and large motor skills. Jumping up and down helps with the development of their large muscle groups and if you are dancing with them, they often will try and copy what you are doing. Giving instruments to a child, even just a spoon to tap or a rattle, will help them with their hand eye coordination as well as grasping items and holding them.                 

Music can also help toddlers develop their language skills. They may not understand all the words of a song but they will learn sound patterns, repetition, and try to mimic what they hear.  An example of this idea is the ABC song. As they get older, they learn to associate the lyrics of songs to things that they know. Singing or listening to nursery rhymes put to music can help children identify stories or storytelling in music. There are just so many ways that listening to music can benefit the listener.               

The CDs listed below are just a few of our favorites available through the library. Normally we'd tell you to check them out from us, but in this time of social distancing, we're including youtube videos from each of the artists as well. If you really like one of these artists, look them up on youtube, where they've all shared many of their songs and live performances.

In addition, you can use your library card to access Freegal, which will give you three free songs downloads each week. Freegal is also allowing 24 hour streaming right now, up from their usual five hours a day, so now's the perfect time to listen to their children's playlists, like this one from Brookfield Public Library. They also have a wide selection of music for all ages and genre preferences.

Lots of different studies have been done on the effects of music and new ones are coming out all the time but we all know that life without music would just be flat. So, grab your favorite CD or check out some of the music available through the library and enjoy the magic that is music.

Composer: Laurie Berkner Band



Composer: Caspar Babypants



Composer: Dean Jones



Composer: Alphabet Rockers



Composer: Okee Dokee Brothers 



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