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Art and drawing can be daunting. When first starting out, there are plenty of blog posts, videos and books on how to start drawing. But some of these tutorials can be pretty simplistic and can even promote bad habits. So I’ve compiled a list of some of the best books for improving your technique. If you want to get better at drawing, start with these! 

4.3 Drawing Lessons from the Great MastersDRAWING LESSONS FROM THE GREAT MASTERS
By Robert Beverly Hale

It’s always good to start your learning process with a good teacher. Who better to mentor you than some of the best artists of all time? By studying the drawings of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and other masters, readers can better understand the techniques these artists used to create their finished paintings. 


By George Brant Bridgman

This book is hands down one of the best ways for artists to understand anatomy and proportion. By exaggerating and breaking down the human body, Bridgman highlights how to draw each feature accurately. George Bridgman himself taught many famous artists. In his forty years of teaching, his students included Jackson Pollock, Will Eisner and Norman Rockwell. 


By Scott Robertson

For years I tried to find a book that could teach me how to draw a straight line. Not only does this book teach you that, but shows you how to turn that straight line into a building, a car or a spaceship. If you are interested in learning how to draw backgrounds, architecture or simply learning to draw in perspective, check out this great guide. 


4.3 The Natural Way to DrawTHE NATURAL WAY TO DRAW
By Kimon Nicolaïdes

While this book is definitely the most effective way to improve your drawing, it also is the most difficult. Working as a manual for artists, Nicolaides outlines exercises that improve not just the way you draw, but how you see your art. However, this means that readers must complete these exercises over the course of an entire year, drawing for 15 hours a week.


And while the library's closed, there are still resources available to you! 

4.3 CreativeBugCREATIVEBUG

This new database features hundreds of video tutorials for arts and crafts of all different kinds, including many about drawing and illustration. Their Daily Practice Series offers an especially good way of getting into the habit of drawing every single day, since it features a month's worth of short video activities to get your creative juices flowing.


4.3 How to Draw Great CoursesHow to Draw

This video which you can stream via your Overdrive library account, features 18 hours of training. It was created by The Great Courses, so you can trust it to have college instruction level and great information. Be sure to search Overdrive's collection for books on drawing and illustration too!


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