Book Blind Date

It’s been a while since my last segment as I was hoping to leave you with some nice alone time with your book. But love is, after all, a fickle thing and perhaps you are again on the search for a great night out (or in).

Below are four eligible and mysterious book-bachelors.  If one interests you, just scroll down and go ahead and check it out (in more ways than one perhaps).

Please check out Blind Date with a Book round one and two for more enjoyable reads.


  • Science Fiction
  • YA novel
  • Teenagers in space.
  • Dystopian premise, often compared to The Hunger Games.
  • Complex female protagonist.
  • Romance, betrayal, intrigue.


  • Internationally acclaimed realistic fiction.
  • Historical fiction spanning from World War I to the present.
  • Contemporary take on PTSD.
  • Moving and memorable characters 


  • Historical fantasy
  • Brings two distinctly different cultures together
  • Magical, a bit scary, unforgettable
  • A woman attempting to find her destiny in a man’s world.


  • A book about books.
  • Focused on an important British figure.
  • Utterly charming and humorous.
  • Written by a Tony award winning playwright.

01.10 Glow#1: GLOW
By Amy Kathleen Ryan


01.10 Birdsong#2: BIRDSONG
By Sebastion Faulks


01.10 The Enchantress of Florence#3: THE ENCHANTRESS OF FLORENCE
By Salman Rushdie


01.10 The Uncommon Reader#4: THE UNCOMMON READER
By Alan Bennett


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