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Dis-cov-er-ies: the act or an instance of discovering; something found or learned of for the first time.        

Children are curious and have a desire to explore the world around them. Remember how the world was when you were young and discovering everything for the first time?  The desire to learn and explore the world is there and it grows as children of all ages have positive learning experiences. Our encouragement can help them discover the world around them.

If you choose to give discovery learning a try we have discovery kits at the library that can help in the learning process. Each kit can be checked out and used as a resource with books, toys, and a binder full of ideas that you can use to make learning a fun interactive experience. The kits range from junior kits, for children ages 0-2, discovery kits, for children ages 3-5, and senior discovery kits, for children ages 6-12. The senior kits are new to our collection and they have much to offer in the field of discovery and education. These kits are focused on science with an emphasis on STEAM and STEM learning activities.            

Each kit comes with a book that focuses on the subject as well as a toy and binder with more ideas to help explore the topic. You are then free to experiment and then approach the topic with problem-based learning. Discovery learning happens when a child draws on their own experiences and knowledge through exploration. When they discover facts for themselves, they are more likely to remember what they have learned and the learning experience is more rewarding for them as well.           

So, take a look at the discovery kits we have to offer and check one out for your learning and enjoyment. You won’t be disappointed.


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