Alternative Crafting

Do you enjoy crafting?

Are you tired of the same old Pinterest ideas?

Have you tried time and time again to stun your social media followers only to have your creations fail? 

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There has to be a better way! Books with alternative crafting techniques and ideas are sure to up your crafting game! Stay tuned for more information.                    

10.21 Playing with BooksPLAYING WITH BOOKS 
By Jason Thompson

It happens. You want to give a friend a makeover, but they’re all too gorgeous.

Creams. Hair products. Makeup. Nothing you add can make them any more beautiful than they already are.

Fortunately, Marie Kondo’s magic created thousands of potential friends in need of a makeover. Introducing: homeless books. You can help these lonely books by adopting them and giving them a makeover of a lifetime. You can turn books into bags, dresses, card holders, and more!This book will give you all the techniques you need to transform your books from frumpy to fabulous. 


10.21 Foraged ArtFORAGED ART
By Peter Cole

Can’t decide if you want to go outside and play or stay inside and craft? Good news! You don’t have to decide. Art can be found all around you. Make leaf creatures with Tommy and flower chains with Suzie.Foraged art is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Even grandma can join in on the fun. 


“I found my husband after reading this book!”-No One 

“My dog enjoys walks more now that we actually go outside.”-Someone 

“I don’t mind my allergies anymore. They help me find the best plants to use for my art pieces. The harder I sneeze the more art supplies I find!”-Anyone  


By Laura Dowling

Do you constantly find yourself with extra fruits and vegetables that you can’t possibly consume? Does your mother reprimand you for wasting your leftovers or playing with your food? Well, have no fear! This book can help you.

Wreaths can be made with anything: tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, limes, you name it! All these foods and more can be made into beautiful wreaths for any season.

It’s not wasting.

It’s not playing.

It’s creating.

What mother can argue with that? 


10.21 Crafting with Cat HairCRAFTING WITH CAT HAIR
By Kaori Tsutaya

It’s everywhere: on your couch, in your shoes, on your clothes, even in your bathroom sink.

Cat hair.

No matter what you do you can’t get rid of it. You’ve tried sweeping, vacuuming, lint rolling and nothing works. Maybe it’s time to try something new.


You can collect your cat’s hair and create amazing products: finger puppets, coin purses, badges, you name it. Don’t get frustrated with your cat’s shedding; utilize it in the best way possible and always keep a piece of your furry friend with you.

For you dog lovers out there, you might want to try KNITTING WITH DOG HAIR by Kendall Crolius. The library doesn’t have a copy, but we can get it for you. Just fill out an interlibrary loan form here.

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